Has anyone ever not graduated due to clinical requirements

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Nov 8, 2017
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I know there are students that stay after graduation to complete requirements. But are there any students that are so far behind in their clinical requirements that they do not end up graduating at all?

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Yes, it’s called graduating late. Generally, once people start finishing requirements, patients get funneled to those who need them still. Especially after official graduation date, any D4s still working in clinic tend to get special treatment from faculty. It looks VERY bad to schools who keep a senior past their residency start date on July 1st, so they try to avoid that.
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If they are that far behind then repeating their 4th year is a consideration. One year we had some super 4th years that didn't repeat the year but they were at the dental school for an additional 6 months or so. I think they got to walk to celebrate with their classmates and their family though.
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Yes, especially during covid at the University of Minnesota. Many D4s had to graduate late due to requirements over the last 2 years.

They spent the summer (another 3 months meeting those requirements)