Has anyone heard from UMDNJ?

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Anyone hear back from NJDS? Any news with the waitlist?

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bump. anyone hear? last i called the class isnt full, and they're turning to the waitlist.
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No clue, they will know exactly how many seats are open after they receive the second deposits which is in April.
no one has posted in here in awhile, so i was just wondering if anyone since then has heard back from the school or know anyone that has been called off the waitlist or if the class is already full?
Although I declined my offer a few weeks ago, I received an email this afternoon about a summer research project at NJDS for incoming students. I just counted that there are 70 people who received the email.
Thanks so much for that piece of information! I really hope they start pulling people off of the waitlist soon!
Just Got email and...94 other kids were in the cc ...class might be full

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Anyone looking for housing in Newark (female roomates/housemates)? I'm going for the Masters Program in August at UMDNJ. PM me please!