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Jan 2, 2005
Hi. I'm hoping to get some feedback on people's experiences with taking Physics at Harvard summer school. I'm trying to figure out where I should take Physics. It's either at Harvard, or at Tufts. At Harvard it's compressed into approx. 8 weeks, whereas at Tufts it's 12 weeks. I think that the good thing to doing it at Harvard is that then i'd have 1 month of free time to do whatever during the summer. However, i'm concerned about how compressed the material is at H.
Was it very, very difficult at Harvard? Was it do-able? Were you so busy that you weren't able to manage volunteering 4 hours/week, for example? Were you able to get a decent amount of sleep, or found yourself having to stay up late, no matter how organized you were?
What was the name of the prof. who taught it? Did the problem sets contain many "brain teaser" problems that just really consumed a lot of time and were just really hard math problems? Like those "challenge" problems that one can argue was created by the professor for the sake of being a "hard ass?"
If you have any feedback (whether stuff you heard from friends, classmates, or your own firsthand experience) on either the Tufts or Harvard physics course over the summer, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help :luck:
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