Has anyone done the UST Houston Post Bacc Program?

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Sep 14, 2023
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Is anyone enrolled or was previously enrolled in UST Houston's Post Bacc Pre Med Program? If so, could you give me insight into what the program is like and if they do provide what is listed on their website? (Also, if anyone is planning on enrolling this fall let me know)

I would like to know more about:
- Relative cost (Scholarships, aid?)
- Classes (Is it rigorous? Are the professors good lecturers?)
- What opportunities they provide (shadowing, clinical, research)
- Advisors
- Pros/cons!!

I have also been accepted into the University of Vermont's PBPM program and I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of both! It's hard to do when UVM has a longer and stronger record of actually helping students gain admission to medical school and I have no clue what UST is like. But I understand that the program at UST is newer and therefore may be slowly improving each year. These are things they claim to provide in their program, but I would like to hear a student's perspective.

I appreciate all insights! Thanks.

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