Sep 3, 2015
Hello everybody, I'm new here and I have a dilemma. I wasn't sure if this belonged in the late batch support group, so here's a new thread. I e-submitted my app over a month ago, however just today I got an email saying it cannot be processed since I entered the grades for my coursework incorrectly. On my transcript from my university, it lists numerical grades, and I put in a letter grade instead. I know that might seem stupid, but if I were to enter numerical grades it would have to be a percentage, yet my transcripts do not show percentages, but rather 4.0, 3.0, etc. Not to mention my university doesn't really give a clear conversion from 4-point scale to percentage, so I have no clue what to put in. I'm concerned that if I put in something wrong it's going to take another month for them to tell me that I got it wrong.

If this is an issue that can be resolved by calling AADSAS, then I will do that ASAP. Right now it's outside of their normal business hours and I'm just really worried about this issue.


Interesting... obviously call them when you can. Until then... it's strange that your university does not provide clear directives for conversion. If you can get a hold of an official transcript, that information is usually at the end of the document. If it's not there, it should be on the registrar's website somewhere. If you can't find it there, you should probably call your registrar.

And you're right... don't just try it a new way without talking to someone first.

edit: PM your university name if you want and I'll research it