Headshot Photo for Secondaries

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Sep 7, 2022
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Orient your body and face to the camera; then move your torso about 30 to 45 degrees.

I have given people the instructions for passport photos and don't mind their advice for not smiling and presenting the body fully facing the camera. I will point out their advice on how much your face should fill the frame.

We have had people send in prom- like photos. Fuzzy backgrounds aren't an issue. As long as there is good lighting of one's face, we are good. No fancy filters please.
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No fancy filters please.
We get a boat-load of these.
They are so cringe!...even scary, like the girl that climbs out of the well in The Ring.
It looks plastic/doll-like, fake.
I'm not talking about photo-shopping a blemish (that's fine).
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From a website for residency head shots:

What Do I Wear for Residency Headshots?

Generally speaking, you should dress in formal business attire for your medical residency headshot. Do not wear scrubs for your headshots unless you’re also bringing a suit to be used for your main ERAS photo.
While we usually preach flexibility and “tailoring outfits to your personality” for sessions, the conservative nature of the medical professional means that this is a bullet-proof rule.
Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you’re still not sure, then feel free to ask us! We’re always happy to provide guidance.

Similar applies for med school apps.

If the question was serious, a med school app head shot with someone wearing scrubs and a stethoscope is cringe. Just be normal and wear professional business attire. It's not difficult.

Me thinking of people who have interviewed in the past:

Wearing loud plaid socks but normal business attire otherwise: Those were interesting. I like it.
Wearing loud plaid suit jacket: That was interesting. I think they were trying to get attention to be memorable. It worked for the wrong reason.
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sweet ill tell "my friend" to not do it

hehehe *nervous laughter*
you already sent in that tryhard photo, didn't ya? :rofl:
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Thoughts on a headshot photo of being in military service uniform(the professional-looking one, not the camouflage)?