Jul 30, 2009
Hello everyone, I have been a long lurker in this forum and finally decided to join. I am a third year bio student planning to apply to dental schools next year.

It's very nice to meet you all.

I have selected 8 schools for now but wish to cut down 3 to five, and modify them if necessary.
I am a Canadian (eh?), and have 3.68 cGPA and 3.73 science GPA. I have 20 TS, 20 PAT and 19 RC in Canadian DAT.

Here are the schools that i am thinking of.
Slightly above my stat: Pittsburgh
Par with my stat: Buffalo, Nova, Mercy, Maryland, Minnesota
Slightly below my stat: Temple and Case.

Personally, I would love to get into buffalo as I am familiar with the city and low tuition. I don't mind location of the school, nor the class size. But tuition is a big factor for me as I come from low income family (and I am not ashamed of this).

ANY advice would be much appreciated (eg. That school is not good for you because of this, This is should be on your list because of this, etc)

Thanks everyone.


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Dec 17, 2008
Hey fellow Canadian
From what I heard, Buffalo only has few seats for international,
You have a shot, but the chance maybe a bit lower than the other schools
I understand the tuition fee is really expensive; however, maybe you should consider adding in a few more schools just for backup?
Not saying your stat is not good; your stat is excellent

Why not add Upenn? with your stat, you have a good chance
Also, Tufts, NYU/USC (I know, they are really really expensive), Boston
BTW, some schools don't take CDAT? just make sure you check with the schools
Just my 2 cents, eh?
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