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Feb 23, 2004
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I have a few things to add to this post.

I believe that there is some a misconception out there about DO's. Today there is very little difference between DOs and MDs. In the past DO's preached a holistic preventative approach, one which DOs and MDs preach today. If you look at the trend of the way physicians have philisophically approached their patients over the last century, you will notice that both philosophies merged closer to one another. In fact, MDs in the primary care setting approach patients philisophically much like DOs advocated a century ago.

I am currently applying to MD and DO schools and I have been accepted to both. I am also currently working as an assistant to a Medical Director in Washington State and i am constantly in close communication with most of the major community health centers in that state. In the medical commmunity where there are no DO schools, DOs are viewed as equals. Trust me.

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