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Apr 5, 2004
Hello everyone....I am a OB wannabe too!!! Gosh I love this field sooo much....so to hell with the malpractice crap and trial attorneys. This is my dream and no one's gonna destroy it.
But poor me, my med school doesn't have subscription to APGO residency directory and I have more than $40,000 in debts. So would someone please PM me with the login and password????

That would be helpful and I promise not to give it to anyone else.
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Global Disrobal

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Sep 24, 2002
  1. Attending Physician
Don't get me started on the loans business. Just gotta say "Thank heavens" for Sallie Mae Forbearance during residency!

For the original poster:

Go back about 6 months and search the OB threads for APGO. There was a poster that listed a lot of program profiles (SE, West, NE) from APGO.

Good Luck!
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