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Mar 1, 2005
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i've posted this in the post-bacc forum, but i'd like to test the waters here as well to see what kind of response i get... i just recently joined SDN, and i think it's fantastic. i'm looking for your humble opinions on my situation... i did my undergraduate work at ucsb, earning a 3.18 sci, 3.18 overall in microbiology. i'm currently a masters student in the CSU system (cali state system), earning a 3.96. i'm worried after reading about master's degrees not carrying much weight with the adcoms, and i'm wondering if anyone has an idea of how to make my application a bit stronger in the scholastic realm. my advisor tells me not to worry, but i'm not convinced... i'm currently finishing my thesis so i'm still technically a graduate student (meaning i'm tethered here and the local UC doesn't offer relevant extension classes) and any classes i take are considered graduate classes so my undergrad gpa won't be raised. i have a 32 on the MCAT, standard EC's and good LOR's but i don't know if it'll be enough. any thoughts are much appreciated, and thanks in advance!