Jul 6, 2014
Hi everyone,
It has been a dream of mine for to be an OT for the past three years.
I recently finished my undergrad in June, and I received straight A's through my entire program (two years--I was a transfer student), with the exception of one B and a C- in my final thesis course !

My question is: Do you think the C- in my thesis class is going to ruin my chances at getting in to OT school? I'm afraid it will look like I'm a terrible researcher or can't handle grad school level work.

The truth is, the school I went to for undergrad was a quarter system school. SO, I had only 3 months to carry out a research project composing of 8-10 interviews.
Keep in mind, my research topic was quite controversial, so no one really wanted to participate to begin with. And on top of that, I had never done a research project before. I was not aware of all the paperwork and hoops I needed to jump through in order to even begin my data collection.
I ended up with only 3 interviews, and wrote a pretty good paper. But due to lack of data, my teacher gave me a C-.

Do you think this will turn away schools? If all of my stats are somewhat high and looking strong, do you think I will still have a chance?


2+ Year Member
Apr 13, 2016
as long as the C- isn't for one of the pre-reqs, I think you'll be ok. I had a D in an upper level calc class I never went to (technically, I did re-take it but the D is still there on my record)... anyway, still got in/went on a bunch of interviews.
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