HELP! Can't improve my MCAT score and test is in June!

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Jun 28, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Any advise is helpful. I had a tutor for 6 months, used Khan academy, kaplan, sketchy, Anki, organic chem tutor on YouTube, UWo, and other resources. The highest score I have received is on Blueprint a 501 (125/ 123/ 125/ 128). However, the highest score I have gotten on the AAMC is 499. I am 3ish weeks out and really need to get to at least a 505 with aims at 510. Can someone help? I have divided my days into CARS/BIO/BIOCH AND CARS/PHY/ORGO/CHEM AND sprinkle psych/soc here and there.

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AAMC 2492123120125124
AAMC 3496125123123125
AAMC 4499126123126124

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Push it off. Possibly till next cycle if that's what it takes. Study your butt off. Use Anki. Do practice questions.

DO NOT under any circumstances take this test in three weeks. You'll do terribly, and you'll only have one retake before most med schools pretty much stop considering you.
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too many study systems, choose 1 or two that make the most sense to you like UWorld and one other
Yup Anki and Khan Academy for content, U world for continuous practice + BP full lengths for tests is a good recipe. That's what I did for 6 months working full time and I was very successful.