HELP! deleted med school email

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Oct 26, 2003
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i usually scan the subject headings before emptying my yahoo bulk mail folder, but earlier today, i accidentally clicked on "empty" before i was done looking over the emails. as the messages deleted, i noticed one email with the subject "Hold for possible interview" or something to that effect. it was too late, though; the emails were deleted before my unbelieving eyes. as my boyfriend would say... "doh!" <slaps forehead> actually, he'd probly punch the desk, curse, punch the computer, curse some more.

anyway, i was hoping someone else got that email today (or yesterday?) since it did end up in my bulk mail folder.

... help? :(

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thats a toughy.
maybe you should call or email all the schools you applied and ask about your status. just say you're email hasn't been working and wanted to know if they sent something?
good luck...:)
when i did something similar with my hotmail account, simply hitting the 'back' button solved the problem (although it's probably too late :( )
maybe check the trash folder...

but i guess calling the schools is your best option now
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Did you apply to UCSD? That was the exact heading of their email to me when I was put on pre-interview hold. Good Luck
well do you have yahoo email? i know that everything you deletd gets put into the trashbin and is kept there until you empty it out or is emptied out every two weeks automatically. Try looking in your trashbin....
Hey, I got the same email yesterday titled, "Hold for Possible Interview" from UCSD. I knew that already, but I just got a second one from the MD school only. I applied MD/PhD there also.
hey guys
thanks. i'll call ucsd on monday and check with them. if it's not them, i guess i'll call the other 22 schools that it might be... fun.

p.s. i checked the trash bin, but i guess when you click "empty", your messages are permanently deleted from the bulk mail folder