Apr 10, 2010
I just started making my schedule for my first year in university of Alberta and I need to decide whether to do my prerequisites in one year or in two.
Recommendations and tips would be greatly appreciated!

CHEM 164 + 263 / CHEM 261 + 263

:confused: CHEM 164 (1 year pre-pharm) vs CHEM 261 (2 years pre-pharm)?
Chem 164 is restricted to students with 90%+ in chem 30. I have a final mark of 94% in Chem 30, but I'm still worried whether the competition in chem 164 will bring down my GPA. Since it's restricted to 90%+ students, wouldn't that lower my chances?

Has anyone taken 164 and can tell me the difficulty of the class compared to 261?