Help in choosing my medical college but i have unique requirements

Discussion in 'India and South Asia' started by King Fun, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. King Fun

    King Fun

    Sep 12, 2011
    I finished my SC in cambridge university at Mauritius and secured the best possible results that was six units and A grade in all my subjects except additional mathematics.Due to my high grades one school agreed to admit me directly to +12, i was unable to cope with the mugging up(Byheartening) system and ended up scoring a very low 76.7% which certainly is not enough to secure a medical addmission in a gvmt medial college.

    Then i paid donation/capitation and joined srm university:

    I knew i could do the studies by myself regardless of faculty and both my parents were doctors,i mainly joined there because i thought i would have fun but alas to my surprise my batchmates ended up being **** that is different than me and the possibility of having fun was very limited,hence i did not want to be stuck in a such a place for 5.5 yrs and paying around 100,000 dollors for it hence i got a full refund and came out.

    Whilst in mauritius i was brainwashed by my parents,i never had girlfriends,never got drunk or tried anything fun.

    Hence i am almost aching to enjoy myself.

    I am currently preparing for national medical entrance examinations in may.

    But my problem mainly is which college would be really fun and i can become a good doctor as well?Where we can drink,party,have fun and interact freely with the opposite sex.

    What happened at srm was that lots of people with 60% being totally brainwashed by their parents :laugh: :laugh:from villages had been filling the seats and i felt that i didnt fit in with them and it was too boring...iquit mainly because of the batch the infrastructure was good and as i said faculty will not be a problem.

    Please help me guyss please i prefer spoiling my youth than wasting it....

    I really feel i missed out on everything in mauritius.

    What will be the best place for me in India:

    if its via donation i will see if i can pay the required amount and the following fees.

    Or if one has to get through merit,i will do the neccessary things and get through.


    help pleeaseeee
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  3. pkdenigma


    Sep 18, 2011
    i guess its really difficult to find a place in india where you can have parties n spoil ur life...but still...u can consider AIIMS in newdelhi..or any medical college in bangalore or mangalore,goa,mumbai......all other places, all u can do is waste away your youth on books !!

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