Dec 31, 2014
I'm hoping to go to physicians assistant school but I ended my undergrad horribly. Overall GPA was a 2.9 and science GPA was a 2.3. Was just really unfocused and dumb the first two years and got mainly C's in all the pre-req science classes. GPA raised from a 2.5 to 2.9 the last two years once I started taking classes for my major (biopsychology) and my grades were all A's and B's.

Have a ton of volunteer hours and clinical experience. Working as a medical scribe and medical assistant. Worked 25-30 hours a week throughout undergrad to put myself through school. Did clinical internship and volunteers with the street medicine team in my college town.

Wondering whether to apply to post bacc programs, SMPs, do science classes at a CC and apply DO in a few years? If you think I should apply post bacc or SMP, any suggestions on schools that accept my GPAs?

Any constructive criticism helps! THANKS!