Apr 3, 2021
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Hi! I got accepted into 6 direct medical programs as a high schooler and would like to hear your advice on choosing between the below programs. Thank you!

University of South Florida/LECOM Early Acceptance Program BS/DO (7 or 8 years)
NYIT BS/DO Program (7 years)
MSU OMSP BS/DO Program (7 or 8 years)
Nova Southeastern BS/DO Program (7 or 8 years)

UToledo BACC2MD (8 years)
Seton Hall Joint Bachelor's/MD program (4 years undergrad, 3 years med school)
Oct 1, 2020
Is Seton Hall's med school time only 3 years because they make you commit to one of their residencies? I would caution against committing to spend your undergrad, med school, AND residency in one place. Also isn't their program not a guarantee that you get into the med school? I'm pretty sure they just guarantee you a med school interview with them, but not a spot in their class...that's a huge con in my opinion

Probably an unpopular opinion but NYIT's 7 year DO program is a solid choice. This program + the Seton Hall one are the only ones that are limited to 7 years, so you have much more of a guarantee that you're going to finish this process a year earlier than you would otherwise. NYIT is a top DO school that matches really well, so I would probably choose that one
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Nov 14, 2019
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for both Utoledo and seton halls programs based on my google searches they only guarantee an interview if you meet certain requirements. that's garbage and not worth your time. And in terms of the DO schools there's absolutely no reason to go there when you've gotten into BS/MD pathways. Do you have any other college acceptances? if you do and it'll be cheaper for you I would probably go to another school that you've been accepted to instead of any of these early "acceptance" schools
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Aug 6, 2020
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MSU is by far the best out of the DO programs listed, but it also doesn't offer any sort of guarantee (like, what does preference even mean?)
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