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Jul 8, 2016
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Hi everyone! I've been fortunate to have had multiple interviews this cycle. I've interviewed at NSU KPCOM, ARCOM, UPKYCOM, NOORDA COM, ICOM, and have one coming up in January for UNECOM. I've been waitlisted at NSU, accepted at ARCOM and UPKYCOM and waiting for decisions for the rest of the schools. I'm leaning towards UNECOM or NSU KPCOM, but with the schools I do have decisions from I was trying to view the pros and cons. Can anyone offer thoughts on which school would be better, curriculum wise and for potentially specializing in non-primary care.


  • cheaper
  • bigger city than Pikesville
  • better housing opportunities

  • newer school
  • less research opportunities
  • mandatory classes
  • dress code


  • attendance not mandatory after first semester
  • more established school
  • better research opportunities

  • very rural community
  • more expensive
  • dress code
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