Help me decide which remaining secondaries to complete

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Feb 9, 2017
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Hey all, I’m getting burnt out on secondaries. I’ve submitted 33 so far after sending my primary about 50. I don’t know if I want to complete all the rest and I’m finding that the remaining ones seem like they’re not a good fit for various reasons, so I’m less enthusiastic than I was. For example, I doubt they’ll take me due to intense competition or yield protection, some are very low yield, some are research heavy and I’m not, etc. I need some motivation and focus! I also have an interview coming up that I want to focus on instead, my bank account is drained from working less than I need to so I can focus on these, and the Labor Day “deadline” is approaching fast. Help me out!

About me:
- Grew up in poverty, FAP recipient, big underserved focus
- Former software engineer
- Unfortunately have a red flag due to youthful stupidity in my app that I don’t want to talk about, though it was from a long time ago (a decade). This is why I initially applied to so many. If you want to help and feel you need details, PM me.
- MCAT 523
- cGPA 3.64
- sGPA 3.95
- postbacc GPA 3.98
- 1000 hours EMT in busy inner city doing 911 and transfers
- 200 hours volunteering at children’s hospital
- 200 hours volunteering at rural free clinic
- 150 hours at meals on wheels
- 150 hours at Rotary club
- 100 hours crisis hotline
- 400 hours research at an ER, no pubs. I just started in Feb
- 100 hours shadowing spread equally across primary care, EM, and psych.

Here are my remaining schools:
- UChicago
- Northwestern
- Harvard
- Yale
- GW
- Georgetown
- Wake Forest
- UMass
- Temple
- Brown
- Tufts
- Loyola
- Emory
- U of H Fertitta
- Texas Tech Lubbock
- Texas A&M

Schools I've already applied to:
- U of Illinois
- Mizzou (IL resident for AMCAS but currently residing in MO)
- WashU
- Rochester
- Mayo Clinic
- Vanderbilt
- Miami
- Jefferson
- Einstein
- Cornell
- Rush
- Hofstra
- Dartmouth
- Rosalind Franklin
- Icahn Mt. Sinai
- Michigan
- Vermont
- Boston U
- USF Morsani
- Creighton
- Iowa
- Cooper Rowan (OOS but strong mission fit and I love the school)
- Baylor
- UT Health Long @ San Antonio
- McGovern
- Dell
- UT Southwestern

PS- feel free to move to WAMC if it’s more appropriate there.

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All your other in-states: Northwestern, Loyola, UChicago. I presume you already submitted to Carle and/or Texas A&M EnMed if you meet their prerequisite expectations for quantitative coursework.