May 19, 2015
Hi everyone, hoping u could help :) Im 5th year med school student from Serbia, ex Yugoslavia, Europe. I saw this forum and was hoping you guys can answer me some questions i would be very grateful. Im finishing my med school here in Serbia next year and would like to come to Brazil to do my residency programme in plastic and reconstructive surgery and Brazil has a great reputation in that field. How long does the residency last? ( i heard something about having to do 2 year general surgery residency first, is it true?? Cause here in Europe we go straight to plastics). What are the best programms in plastics( universities and hospitals) you think i should apply to and is there possibility of doing residency in english instead of portugese? What is the procedure for foreign med students? I would pay myself for my residency expenses. Thank you all for your time and patience. Greets! :)
Dec 31, 2015
First of all I'd like to clarify that brazilian plastic surgery is separate from general surgery but you learn both at university time as in there you'll learn the basic of all, I don't know how it is in Serbia. ;) The residency lasts three years in here usually but I don't know if because it's ps something turns out to be different... About universities I would recommend the public ones, UNIFesp (Sao Paulo), UERJ (Rio de Janeiro), and others, depending on which state you intend on visiting. The system of Hospitals depend entirely on the area you intend on doing inside medicine, as you will do ps residency I would advise you to try Santa Casa's university & hospital but as it's paid and I'm focusing on publics the best option is Hospital de Sao Paulo, UNIFESP's hospital. the reason why I've highlighted this two hospitals (the latter being the highlight of the highlighted ones) is because they have a history on being the best even though Santa Casa has been highly affected by the government...
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