HELP - Need to know if this is ok for plane flights

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Scooby Doo

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Jul 10, 2001
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So I can't find a cheap
deal on the web for airline fares..however, I can do this...

I can take a plane from city X to city Y to city Z.

However, I purposely want to miss connection Y to Z b/c city Y is the place I want to go to first.

Then I can book another flight to city Z later and do my stuff there...then catch the flight home from Z to Y to X.

This comes out to 400 dollars cheaper than if I just did a bunch of one ways (or a combination of round trips).

Is this OKAY????? Will the airlines care that I missed the one connection and get mad or deny me my seats on the return flights?? Please let me know ASAP b/c these damn fares keep going up ridiculous amounts everyday and I had to wait on one school before I could make the flights. :mad:

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let me guess?

is this an MCAT question? one of those trick questions huh? :D

what were the multiple choice answers?
I think that if you miss any part of your first flight, they will cancel your return flight. Sorry.

You should call to verify. They don't know who you are, after all. Make sure you get the person's name though, and that they know what they're talking about.

I hope you can make it work out.
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I did something similar back in July when flying America West. When I arrived at city Y, I just went to the customer service desk and told them that I would not be making my connecting flight to city Z but that I would be departing from city Z. They had no problem with it at all. However, I didn't have a need to reschedule my city Y to Z flight so I can't comment on that aspect. Hope this helps.
Hmm..interesting...I plan to take a totally unrelated flight from city Y to city Z.
So I don't even need to worry about rescheduling that one.
Have you tried travelling by train? You can book two one-ways from X to Y and Z to X but can use the train to go from Y to Z. I researched this the other day and it came out about $150 cheaper some of the times.

Also, make sure when you use orbitz or expedia to have it search for other airports in your area. Some good airlines are left out if you limit your airports too much. I just realized yesterday that Jetblue flies from Long Beach to NY for damn cheap.
I have to say that I'm quite impressed with everyone's resourcefulness!! Arranging a flight as scooby has mentioned never crossed my mind but I have to hand it to you for saving some cash :cool:
Talk with the airlines...most will let you do this...I've had several trips in the past and never had a problem IF I talked to them beforehand. The time I didn't was the time my seat was given up and I had to stay another night in the hellhole at my expense.
You have to be careful with this one. I tried to skip a short flight from CT to Philly, but they were going to charge me for it as if I was originating in Philly - PLUS another $75 to change my original round-trip ticket. Would've been another $200 or so if I remember correctly. I think I was taking USAir at the time (3 years ago, I think).

I ended up driving (very quickly so that I would make my flight) to CT to catch my flight. Not enjoyable. Maybe it depends on which airline you choose and their flexibility.

Good luck!