Jun 23, 2019
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Hello SDN! Long time listener, first time caller. I am a pre physical therapy student at my university, which is known for having a really difficult anatomy program. I took a W last semester (the first time taking it) due to mental health reasons and severe anxiety during exams. I figured that I could take the rest of time in the semester to recoup a bit and come back fresh in the summer. I thought my anxiety was being handled but I slowly got overcome with fear and then a mass shooting happened in my home time during the second week of my retake, making it difficult to focus. Well, I took it and got an F. Every time I met with the professor or my tutor they expressed surprise at my exam grades, and I would study very hard outside of class- 7 hours per day, and it still wasn’t enough. I would go to open lab and study with people who would make A’s. I am going to retake it (AGAIN!) but I’m so ashamed at being so stupid and angry at myself. What am I going to do?? I have no support and I feel useless.
Thank you so much. My GPA is now a 3.226.


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Jan 21, 2019
You've got to address the mental health issues before anything else, and certainly before PT school. I would suggest no more classes until you have that solidly under control. Admissions are forgiving of a dip due to health, but a continued problem is more alarming. While this may seem insensitive, they want to be sure that you will be able to get through a demanding program, and that your mental health issues won't be a safety issue for treating patients, so make sure you can address it to assure them. Don't rush to apply to PT school until you have the tools to cope. Imagine anatomy while taking many other demanding classes. That is the bar you need to be ready for. If you are still a student, reach out to the counseling services available at your school immediately. Otherwise, look for community resources.
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Nov 17, 2017
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I saw a thread on here about someone who failed general physics 2 times and passed the 3rd time with a C and eventually go into PT school.
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