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  1. B

    SMP or DIY postbac?

    Hello! I am a recent undergraduate (spring 23) with a cgpa of 3.3 and a sgpa of 3.0 and an MCAT of 505. I took a break to reconsider mediciine and reflect/take time off after a long year. I’m considering my options and I’m not sure whether I should take an SMP with a linkage or a DIY postbac? My...
  2. D

    School list Feedback 3.6/516 URM!!

    . School List: SUNY Downstate Loyola Rosalind Franklin George Washington Tufts Einstein Drexel NYMC Georgetown Dartmouth University of Vermont UMass Geisinger Rochester Rush Boston University Rutgers Hackensack Meharry Morehouse Howard
  3. idkjustchooseone

    WAMC - what to work on next?

  4. swimminginconfidence

    Is it truly over? A desperate question from a foreign medical student

    Here's where I'm at right now, I'm a 2nd year medical student from Ethiopia , I failed my first preclinical year of med school twice...well failed once and withdrew once(which means no grades on the second attempt)....I passed on my third attempt(with a C in anatomy but B in everything else)...
  5. J

    Is this the saddest WAMC? Any advice is greatly appreciated

    Hello guys, this might be the saddest WAMC and any advice is greatly appreciated Date of submission: Plan on 6/15/23 Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 3.1 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.1 DAT score (include AA and all sections): NOT TAKEN YET, scheduled 6/30/23 State of Residence: California Undergrad...
  6. J

    Should I do a post-bacc? Need advice applying after graduating at 2020

    Hello all! I need help with my direction of where I should go. I got my B.S. of Biology in 2020 and since then I've been working mostly. My GPA was 3.1 scientific, 3.2 overall. I was in the pre-dental clubs, did volunteering, shadowing, was a peer mentor, did research in undergrad. But since I...
  7. F

    WAMC 3.4 cGPA, 3.2 sGPA & 517 MCAT -Nontraditional, EC Heavy Applicant

    Hey Everyone! I will be applying for the 2024/2025 cycle as I need to get a year of salary before hopefully entering med school. In addition, I know my GPA is pretty low and my MCAT is pretty good in comparison and that is just due to the time I allocated for both. I plan on retaking some...
  8. monkeym8

    WAMC/School list (URM; disability; nontrad; MPH grad) - MCAT 503 cGPA 3.49 sGPA 3.29

    Hi there, I was wondering if y'all could help me formulate a school list as a non-trad URM with a rather low MCAT score... Background URM, moderate hearing loss (wear hearing aids), and ADHD (not sure if I would disclose this tbh; diagnosed 2nd yr in college) Parents were refugees from the...
  9. kelly anderson

    probably being dramatic? pls help 🥲🥲

    hey everyone! new here to this site and just looking for some advice you guys can be as brutal as you want haha i got my bachelor degree in biology 5 years ago and couldn’t really do much after since i have a kid. I was in a point last year where i could apply to pharmacy school since my...
  10. C

    Need some serious advice; calc now or later?

    Long story short I nearly failed high school. All I retained was some basic Algebra skills. So far I have done okay in Uni and have a 3.7 GPA entering my Junior year. I have had some mental health issues and preconceived anxiety towards math, this led me to abuse online classes and cheat my...
  11. S


  12. M

    Application advice: Should I apply and or retake DAT?

    Hello, I recently retook my DAT and did terribly, but I really want to apply this cycle. I’m not quite sure what to do- whether I have a chance at applying (or wait until next cycle), and if I should retake the DAT in late August and send a letter to the schools that I will be applying. I have...
  13. johnsonthehopeful

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  14. T

    Taking Orgo 2 for the 5th time - am I delusional?

    I am going to be taking Organic Chemistry 2 for the 5th time this summer. (Lord.) I took Organic Chemistry 1 THREE times before I finally passed with a C. I HATE chemistry to say the least. I don't get it at all but to be fair, if I spent more time with the material than I currently do, I might...
  15. O

    Aspiring Physician-Scientist (Advice & Insight Needed), pls)

    Hi all, I am currently a first-year undergrad who completed their first semester of college, but I am particularly curious about the timeline between applying to a PSTP/MSTP and graduating from/earning an MD/PhD degree. I wanted to know about how many years it takes to earn the dual degree (7-9...
  16. M

    WAMC NY ORM 515/3.63

    Preferences: 1. MD/PhD 2. DO/PhD 3. MD 4. DO Major: Psychology sGPA: 3.45 cGPA: 3.63 MCAT: 517 ORM (Chinese) Research: 300 hrs socio-psychology research, 1 pub 100 hrs honors thesis research on eating disorders, 1 pub on the way Jobs: - 1040 hrs scribing for neurologist (private practice) -...
  17. aspiring_physician123

    KCU-COM (Joplin) vs WVSOM vs VCOM-Louisiana

    Hey guys!! So I've recently been accepted to three pretty amazing schools, feeling incredibly blessed, but the first deposit is dawning on me, and I'd greatly appreciate y'alls insight on how to best go about choosing between these schools: KCU-COM (Joplin) Pros P/F Curriculum No mandatory...
  18. D

    Should I retake courses?

    Hello. I went to a community college and ended up with a 3.37 (had a 3.7) and a 3.1 sGPA. I had taken antidepressants which really messed with my head and made it impossible for me to focus. I am now in a 4 year university. I so far took (in cc): Gen Bio Gen Bio 2 A&P A&P 2 and scored B+ in...
  19. A

    Personal Essay Review

    Hello guys, I am currently a perspective DPT student with plans of applying during the current cycle. I am nearing the end of the application process and would like to know if anyone could potentially review my personal statement essay? Open to all and any suggestions that anyone may have! Thanks!
  20. Beezyteeth

    Got acceptance for California Northstate University...should I?

    First time posting, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong. But I got an acceptance into CNU College of Dental Medicine for their first class ever later on this year. It is a brand new school. Just simply asking for any general advise if it's a good idea to accept? Is there anything I should...
  21. S


    I took my exam Monday (04/05) I walked out feeling horrible. I was a 4.0 student and studied HARD all of APPE's. I thought all my questions were hard! SO much HIV and ONCO!!! I am checking NABP website every 5 minutes and am freaking out. Does anyone have any advice? I think people who said the...
  22. J


    Hello everyone! So I really need help in starting over or completing my pre-med undergrad degree and I'm TOTALLY lost as to where and how to start. A little about me before I let the questions pour our. So I'm a 27 year old woman, wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids (aged 6,4, and almost 2). Due...
  23. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school admissions? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone I am a junior at the moment and have been pursuing pharmacy and plan on applying for the fall 2021 cycle. In terms of my stats, I have 3.68 gpa right now and pcat within the 80th percentile. Though my transcript is not the best and I was wondering if I have lost my chance at any...
  24. moralis

    A hypothetical question—

    The following I've always wondered about— Let's say there is this scenario: Someone starts out as a student interested in both basic research and practicing medicine. He learns about MD/PhD programs, which allow him to do just this, and successfully matriculates into one. He continues the track...
  25. L

    Pursue pharmacy? need help

    Hello everyone, i’m a senior at my university and am in a situation. I have been pre pharmacy my entire college career and was planning on applying for the fall 2021 cycle but lately i’ve been questioning whether or not i should really pursue pharmacy. I have shadowed a couple of retail...
  26. D


    - removed a lot of identifiable info
  27. R

    Switched to pre-med/ GPA bad

    Hello everyone, I’m new here but I think this is a good place to get some guidance/ help because if I’m honest my counselors aren’t the best. I am currently a second year college student who just switched to pre-med. So far my current GPA is a 2.9 Bad, I know, but this far I’ve taken both bio...
  28. O

    MD/PhD Guidance—the best way to begin in college and throughout? (High-Schooler)

    Hello Everyone! Currently I am a high school senior preparing to enter college as a Biomedical Engineer major. As far as starting off in college, I wish to know some ways to best prepare for the MCAT and some collegiate extracurriculars that are suitable for my benefit in engaged learning and...
  29. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school advice!

    Hello :) I’m currently a junior at my university pursuing pharmacy hopefully and i’ve been really stressed. My two schools i am aiming for have removed the obligation for a PCAT score for 2021 applicants (Wayne State University and University of Michigan) i have a 3.5 gpa score as of right now...
  30. postponemastudentloan

    Really low MCAT score??

    So I just started studying for the MCAT on Monday and decided I wanted to take an AAMC FL practice test before studying just to see where I was at. I knew I wasn't going to score high because 1. I had an extremely difficult time with both my physics classes & need to basically start from scratch...
  31. A

    B&B Dental Videos- NBDE Part 1 guidance

    Hello everyone !! I am currently studying for nbde part 1 and I’m almost done with the B&B videos. After that I’ll be doing the B&B flash cards and then keep reviewing. For Dental anatomy, I did the YouTube video with 300 dental anatomy facts. I wanted to ask if these videos and flash cards are...
  32. emarled1427

    New MCAT score/Help with School List

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate any help/advice. My MCAT score came out on 8/18, and I got a 508. This was my first MCAT. My practice AAMC FLs were 510/506/510/516. I even took the 4th FL, on which I got a 516, a week before my exam :( I was hoping for a 510-515. MSAR shows a 508 barely...
  33. P

    Struggling with Diversity Essay

    I'm working on the quote on quote diversity essay and I'm struggling to find a topic that I can tie in with medicine. I'm a pretty privileged person so there is no reason to go down that path. I've also a traditional med student so I haven't had any cool jobs either. I do have a hobby of art and...
  34. aalleyne13

    NYU Masters Program

    Looking for opinions on whether or not it's beneficial to apply for a MS in Chemistry or MA in IDS or Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience Track). I'm pre med with a solid passion in Neurobiology and Biopsychology and all that intertwines, which shows through my undergrad coursework. However, I...
  35. I_Am_a_Nguyener

    Help deciding on TMDSAS awards section

    hey y'all, I have a question regarding if this would be considered an academic or non-academic award? So, I was part of PLUS (peer-led undergraduate studying) which is a university leadership activity for helping students learn course material in varying classes. I was a facilitator for a class...
  36. M

    MPH or MSW "for fun" vs waiting to apply

    I just graduated with my BSc in psych (3.8 major, 3.65 overall), two minors, and a concentration. I have a few years in two different research labs (one was lots of data entry, the other was coordinating, testing participants, and currently writing papers; nothing published yet), 6+ months as a...
  37. Alessandra20

    need some advice and closure please help :(

    hello, i’m currently a second year under grad student; about to be third year this fall 2020. I got myself in a pretty bad situation, i was taking a gen chem 1 class and gotten into a misunderstanding with my lab professor and i basically got a citation on my record for violating academic code...
  38. F

    Need HELP Finalizing List of Schools

    Hello everyone, I am planning to apply this upcoming cycle. Please help me finalize the list of schools I should apply to. These are my stats: [oGPA 3.835] [sGPA ~3.75] [DAT: AA 23, TS 21, PAT 23]. I also don't have any experience in research. This is the list of schools I have so far. Is...
  39. Samc263

    Torn between KCUCOM and MSUCOM

    Hello. I was accepted into MSUCOM in April but I found out today 5.8.20 that I moved up on the waitlist at KCUCOM and now have an offer. From what I understand you can only hold 1 acceptance until may 15th and then must make a choice. I am from jersey so both schools are out of state for me, so...
  40. S

    Tufts vs Rush - A Very Last Minute Decision

    Hi, Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I was accepted to both Tufts and Rush and thanks to Covid only just got my financial aid packages which made me re-think which schools. A quick layout of my biggest selling points. Tufts Rush Pro: - Higher rankings - Very good...