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Apr 30, 2016
Basically I'm stuck in a weird situation now. I'm signed up to take the OAT in 3 weeks. Because of some personal reasons I was not able to study & wanted to reschedule till after my semester, in January.
Because I'd have to cancel I would have to pay $800 in total just to take it once.

Should I put in all my effort and try to study (starting from scratch) for the next three weeks and then attempt it once again in January?
Or should I just cancel and take it once in Jan?

How do multiple attempts affect your applications?

I still have time to cancel so I would see how my studying is going and if I'm scoring very low I'd just cancel. But I still want to know is studying in 3 weeks doable or would I just be wasting my time? I'd use chad's videos and if I have time use OAT destroyer for practice.

Please reply to all my questions!!!!


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May 19, 2016
Hey there!

Since it is so costly to cancel your test I would say give it your all for the next three weeks. You can always retake if you need to! For me I needed the test date to actually sit down and study. Another option can be just postponing your test by a couple weeks. It should only cost $25 dollars if you do it soon.

From what I have heard multiple attempts doesn't really affect applications but I may be wrong. I know several individuals who took the OAT more than once and have had no problems. That being said, don't take the OAT just to see how it is. You should actually study and try to do well! I know people who had less time than you and have scored well. You just need to commit to it :)

For practice definitely use Chad's videos and OAT achiever. These two resources helped me the most. Kaplan also offers a free practice test so you can take that and see where you are at. But keep in mind that mostly all practice tests are harder than the actual!
Feb 5, 2015
I basically did all my productive studying in 3 weeks. Review notes were okay. I learned the most from doing a lot of actual practice tests and learning from the wrong answers.

I'd say review for maybe 1.5-2 weeks. For the sake of time it is not necessary to review everything. Instead you can review while you go over the practice test answers. That way instead of learning/reviewing a lot of information for each subject, you get a feel for what the oat actually is going to ask you in regards to those subjects.

For the remaining week(s), start doing a lot of practice tests to develop your test and time strategies (even if you are not done reviewing!) It is CRUCIAL you make sure you understand all your wrong answers. Refer back to your review books as you do so. Do some extra practice problems associated with the wrong answers.

Also, I made a page of physic equations and other random information I had trouble remembering. I got to the test center early that day and just reviewed those notes before I took the test.

Good luck!! You can do it :)

(I used Kaplan online practice tests if you were wondering. My first practice test I got 280-300. By my 5th and last practice test I got around 330. For the actual OAT I got 350 AA, 360 TS. Could have been even better if I hadn't crammed )
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Jun 12, 2015
You can do it in 3 weeks but have to study hard each day. I think the destroyer is hard to cover (for me) if I were you I would do chad vidoes + quizzes and some achiever tests. Take the ADA test days before your test and see how you do becauce it will be very similar to your real test scores. If you score bad then just reschedule or cancel.