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Mar 25, 2002
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does anyone know ANYTHING about vandy interviews? is there a website that still gives tips on interviews? i heard interview feedback doesnt work so im posting this. any help would be much appreciated!


I did a regional interview last year...

I was asked the typical medical questions...why medicine? why vanderbilt,

what do you want to do when you become a doctor, when did you find out you were interested,

and one part was very odd, he told me which schools in EXaCT detail....I mean in other interviews...I could easily change topics and say well about 20, but this guy (very polite and awesome) wanted to know each and every one

and he began writing it down! I was like, okaaay, and then I named the ones I got an interview" UCSF, Northwestern, USC"

and then he was like, after 12th one, he said, well there should be 8 more...what else? I was like...umm, I heard vandy has a great brain research institute..and he was like, yes it does, and what other schools you applied to...


as soon as he heard UCSF and northwestern, he was like, "U know what is so funny, when I was interviewing, I had the same schools as you" I was like really?

and he was like, I got into UCSF as well ( I didnt even say I got in, I had interviewed there, and didnt have the results)...andyway, for 30 minutes he was trying to convince me, on why I was perfect for vandy and I should definitely go in...

u know these interviews are so freakin random....and then he was like, Tenessee pple dont thing it is diverse...but it is so diverse...well its not like LA, but it is very diverse!

I was like...hmmm, I am getting the feeling that Tenessee is not diverse...otherwise why would it even be a topic...

I mean pple in LA, dont sit down and talk about how diverse LA becomes an ordinary thing...and you don't notice it after awhile...

anyway, the school was awesome...great research facilities...nice pple...but interviews are so random....

he was a nice guy, but Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and GWU were BIG Time sellers of their schoools...

as opposed to USC, and other schools I interviewed at...Its nice getting a feel of being wanted :)

best of luck to you, and just know the basic questions...and know about the latest things, like bioterrorism, and the controversial topics as well

best of luckt to you and congrats! :clap:
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Oct 2, 2001
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I interviewed at Vandy last year, and it was really really chill. Seriously, my interviewer did more talking than I did the entire time, and most other interviewees had similar experiences, I think. Basically, we sat around for awhile and he told me about the school, the city, and himself. They are big on selling you the school there, and expect you to have questions about it. They questions he did ask me were your very standard typical interview questions. Nothing to stress out over, just make sure you have some questions in mind to ask about regarding the school or Nashville.

Hope that helps a little bit! Good luck at your interview.:D
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