Jan 8, 2014
Recently I got a nonpassing grade for ochem my sophmore year (undergrad). Because the ochem series all require a prereq of that class that I did not pass, I was forced back a year regarding course load and kicked out of the major. Now, I feel that all hope is lost since I have only thought of going to pharmacy school. My counselor told me to change my major and try to catch up during the summer. However, that means that I need to take ochem, ochem lab, biochem all in a month. This means that I might get really bad grades. Currently, without the failed grade, I have about 3.3 gpa (sophmore). All my other grades are A's or B's. I know that becoming a pharmacist is the only future for me. What should I do to get into pharmacy school? Can I go to pharmacy school with environmental science? How will the schools look at my course load and that failed grade? Please, I need someone to shed some light into my life right now.
Please, I'm desperate.
Thank you.
Jan 1, 2014
Pharmacy Student
major does not matter. you can fail and retake the class. Do well on the second time and you are set. getting into pharm school isnt hard. just keep it up.
Nov 19, 2013
Pharmacy Student
Your major is not a big deal. As long as you have all the pre-reqs taken with decent grades, and get a high PCAT score you should be fine. And don't lose hope so quickly! :) Lots of people struggle their first time with o chem (there is a reason why its called the "weed out/screen door" class, many pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-pharm students give up after that class).
It's better to take it slow and get good strong grades, than speed through and get mediocre grades (that are permanent). Even if it takes another year to get in, that's only 1 year of your life and it will be worth it when you get in! :)
I had a friend who kept "bragging" to me that she was going to do "pre-pharm" and was going to get in after her 2nd year of school (she told me this during her first semester of college). However, she did not even begin any of the harder pre-req classes, and when she did start taking them, her arrogance and wanting to get in after 2 years actually made her fail many of her classes. She has now changed her major to something totally different (she states it's cuz she thought pharmacy was "too boring" for her but we all knew the real reason lol :eek:).
If pharmacy is truly your dream, take your time, learn the mistakes of your studying habits (Why did you fail o chem? Did you not study everyday? O chem is a different type of science class. You cannot study 1-2 nights before the test and pass. It's more like a math class where you have to study a little each and everyday to remember all the formulas and reactions), and try again. Don't give up you are almost there! :claps: