Help! Switching into PGY 2 from PM&R

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Jul 28, 2014
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Hi guys, I am a PGY2 in PM&R and have recently been regretting my decision to pursue this field. I was torn between PM&R and psychiatry in medical school and now after more recently starting the PM&R part of my residency have all but confirmed that I am a better fit for psychiatry. I have just found out of a PGY2 spot that is opening in July of next year from my home med school which is also in my hometown. The PD is definitely interested in me but obviously I know there are no guarantees. Now, my current PD is reasonable and would probably support my decision BUT I was on remediation these past 3 months for scheduling a double call shift without telling the administrator and just found out that I got a nasty evaluation from my first PM&R rotation of the year that was excessively harsh. I am unsure how this will play out and am hoping to meet my PD as soon as possible.

I have a couple questions:

1. Assuming I can convince my PD that this eval was not typical of my work ethic (which I truly believe, but will also admit that there were certain things that I could have been better on in this past rotation) would he/she be able to still write me a letter of good standing if they decide to extend my remediation? Of note, the evals from the other two attendings I worked with on this rotation would in no way be nearly as negative but also probably not glowing either. But in any case, if they put me on probation (which I pray won't happen) I should probably assume that getting a letter of good standing would no longer be a possibility?

2. I would ideally apply to this one program in the area that I want to be (as I am very depressed and homesick in my current location) but would still be committed to finishing my current PM&R program should for some reason I not be accepted to this PGY2 spot. If I can relay this to my PD and emphatically state that I am still equally passionate about my current field and program (minus location) would there be any way that I can apply for this PGY2 spot and continue with my current program should it not work out? Or would I automatically be forced into not renewing my contract for third year and subsequently losing my spot in residency if I don't get into the psych program?

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Pm me..I switched from psych to psych pgy2.

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