Help! WAMC + School list 3.7X/517

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May 26, 2024
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WAMC & med school list:

Hi! Please let me know if you have a good school list suggestion. I am hoping to apply to about 32 schools but I feel like my MCAT and GPA put me into two different categories - thank you so much in advance <3
  1. cGPA: 3.75 (3.79 if you include some postbac classes); sGPA: 3.66 (3.69 with postbac classes)
  2. MCAT: 512 (129/125/129/129) and most recent 517 (130/126/130/131)
  3. State of residence: NC (just established residency in April; called UNC to confirm I am considered in state applicant) Used to be MA and NH resident; Ties to NY state (undergrad was there; was told to apply to those schools by my advisor); VA (close family; mom's twin; grew up visiting and spending summers there)
  4. Ethnicity and/or race: ORM
  5. Undergraduate institution: Lesser Ivy
  6. Clinical experience: I took multiple gap years because life and finances happened! Paid clinical research assistant for 2.5 years (worked closely with families and surgeons; 4800 hrs); now I work for a pediatric neurosurgical nonprofit (1000hrs; will be 1500hrs+ in next year). Clinical volunteering: 260hrs as a hospital volunteer (was also student codirector of this program for 1.5 yrs); 340 hours patient advocate (also leadership assistant for this program in undergrad); 500 hours EMS/community disaster relief
  7. Research experience: 1300hrs working for global health clinical trial and maternal health lab (I have no wetlab experience).
  8. Publications: 1 first author publication; 3 co-first author publications; 5 publications as middle author; Presented at 4 national conferences
  9. Shadowing experience and specialties represented: Orthopedic surgery (30hrs); Cardiology (20 hours); Neurosurgery (300hrs)
  10. Non-clinical volunteering: Founded non-profit raising a pediatric program at a hospital (300hrs); see below but hoping my refugee work counts towards service as well (but listing as social justice)
  11. Social justice/advocacy work (new field): Ran out of space on AMCAS so I put these together - working in refugee health (300hrs); refugee ESOL instructor (100hrs; will be getting 100 more in the next year)
  12. Other extracurricular activities: 2 additional on campus leadership positions in undergrad (nearly 300 hours each, covering almost all four years); TA in college (for multiple years; 3 courses; 300 hours)
  13. Relevant honors or awards: multiple awards in college for community service and campus leadership; won a volunteer award at a hospital postgrat; 2 humanitarian grants
  14. Anything else not listed you think might be important: Triplet sister goes to BU med school; I am really interested in rural and global health tracks (like tufts maine track; columbia basset etc.); would love to dual MD/MPH if possible
  15. Strong letters 3 prof (2 bio; 1 public health); Undergrad PI; 2 Physicians
Current list:
Duke; Dartmouth; Columbia; Harvard (long shot but very well-known letter writer is prof here and told me to apply)
UNC; Tufts; SUNY upstate/downstate/stony; Emory; Wake forest; Rochester; UMass (Purch program since used to be resident); Umiami (MD/MPH); Jefferson; Georgetown; NYU-LI
Brody; UVM; VCU; Temple; Drexel; Rush; Loyola; EVMS

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Schools may average MCAT scores. You could add these schools:
New York Medical College
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
Medical College Wisconsin
St. Louis
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Cross-check your list against
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