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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Doc777, May 25, 2000.

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    Aug 9, 1999
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    Greetings all [​IMG]

    I'm scheduled to take the COMLEX Level 1 on June 6 and 7. Unfortunately, it seems that I mismanaged my studying time, and I'm in the pre-panic mode right now. I've done enough studying to pass, but not enough to do for a respectable high score. I'm considering waiting until October. Does anyone has any insight into the pros and cons of taking the exam in the Fall? If I'm capable of taking it and passing, should I be satisfied with that, and just get it out of the way? Or should I wait till October and shoot for the stars? I'm more than likely going to be doing an internal med residency, but I'm also considering physical med and rehab. Any insight will be appreciated. [​IMG]

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  3. Billie

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    Nov 30, 1998
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    I too am beginning to feel the crunch of time and feel that I have not done enough studying. Let's hope I have! [​IMG]

    As far as advice, unfortunately I have none for your situation, as my school requires you to pass for you to continue on with rotations. If you do not pass, you are pulled off rotations, retake in the fall, and hopefully pass then so you can get back without being too far behind. So there is a lot of pressure to pass the first time. [​IMG]

    Good luck in your decision!! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Billie, MS-II
  4. johns8

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    Jun 2, 2000
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    Take it now.

    I too am in panic mode, because I only started studying 2 weeks ago, being that I am a moron. Still, I am going to take it. Reason: We are moving on, there is no way we are going to want to regress to studying basic sciences when we are in the clinics. Besides, it doesn't mean that much as long as you pass. What really matters is how much and who you impress on rotations. You would be better served to spend would be boards time, reading relevant articles and impressing preceptors.
    good luck,


    PS Have any practice files?

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