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Dec 14, 2004
ppa93 said:
What do they ask during the interview? Can anyone help me with it? I just knew that I got an interview from PCO
The interview is one on one with an OD faculty who knows nothing about you and it lasts about an hour. There is plenty of time to ask them questions too so that a good portion of the hour can feel like a conversation, but they have specific questions they need to ask you and write down your response. You will get the obvious, so tell me about yourself, where you went to school, how you became interested in optometry, how you have investigated the profession, etc. Also, why are you interested in PCO, what do you think about the curriculum, what is your academic weakness? There were others, but my interviews are starting to all mesh together...but just know that no PCO questions came out nowhere or were intimidating. They want to make it feel like a conversation and not so much like an interrogation. I wish you luck!