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Aug 24, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
  1. cGPA 3.47, sGPA 3.31, non-science 3.91 (upward trend over the years)
  2. MCAT: 509 ( Chem: 126, CARS: 129, Bio: 127, Psych: 127)
  3. NJ is my state of residence and has been since I was 3. Born in UK. Dual American/Israeli Citizen
  4. White
  5. Rutgers University
  6. Clinical experience - Hospital Volunteer ~60hrs. Medical Scribe - full-time for my gap year
  7. Around 700hrs of research between two labs, one for a year through a program till the PI had a stroke and retired, then 2 years in the other lab. No publications, I may be a middle co-author on an upcoming paper.
  8. No shadowing, but working as a scribe in pediatric psychiatry
  9. I was part of an organization and worked an internship both of which were devoted to setting up and leading volunteer and service opportunities at Rutgers. So idk how many hrs were exactly running service trips and volunteering, but I did ~450 hrs between the two over two years
  10. Between part-time jobs, work-study jobs, and summer jobs I worked over 1900hrs during my four years in undergrad. I was also an RA for a year for the graduate and family populations. I have been working full-time as a medical scribe since graduating in May and also part time as a waiter.
  11. Random stuff: LGBT and Jewish identifying
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