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Jun 11, 2020
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Hey All, I'd really appreciate some advice here.

I originally applied back in the cycle for Fall 2019 acceptance (submit primary in 2018). For various reasons, I received 3 II -> 2 WL and nothing afterwards. I wasn't in a good place while applying, wrote the PS 2 days before submitting on the last day of June (activity descriptions were very bland, rushed, and poor), sent secondaries in Sept->October, and overall meh ECs with no clinical other than shadowing. I was really immature at the time and did not understand the magnitude of med school apps and was not ready to serve humanity at the time. I have since become much more mature and wiser, and learned a lot and sent in my primary for this cycle. I was wondering if you could help me with my school list.

I graduated cum laude in engineering from an Ivy in 2019, cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.78, MCAT 519 Aug 2017 (I know this puts me out from some schools which I have already tried to contact and eliminate from my list. Since then I am pursuing a 2 year MS in Epidemiology from a T5 med school (current 4.0 GPA).

Founded fraternity & president
Head Rep (part of the founding of the program too) from my school of a program with the UNGEI working with girls in Africa for several years
Founded (& President) organization to link organizations across Ivies, since have held 3 successful conferences starting 2018
Selected for a highly competitive leadership program
2nd author pub from UG research

Since graduating:
Basketball Coach for the local community, coached two teams,
Volunteered in hospital, teaching hospitalized kids and working in a patient care unit
Founded startup with chief of surgery in a department here at my grad school on healthcare comms
Lots of research (projects in multiple departments) ~2k hours, 2 pubs submitted, at least 2 more by end of July, should have ~8-15 by graduation
TA for grad level course
worked full time as medical assistant for the summer
Lots of shadowing
mentor at-risk high school youth in area
currently volunteering as contact tracer during covid pandemic
certified personal trainer

at least several hundred hours for each of the things listed

Will have 6 LoR

For reference, I am first-generation, disadvantaged, CA in-state

I will be a reapplicant to many of these schools (of which I had no business applying to the first time around)

Any help would be much appreciated, schools to add, schools to delete etc. Some of the schools I have eliminated because my MCAT falls out of range are UCLA, UCI, NYU, Northwestern, Brown, Baylor, Dartmouth, USC

  1. Einstein
  2. Columbia,
  3. Duke,
  4. Emory,
  5. Harvard,
  6. George Washington
  7. Ohio State,
  8. Penn State,
  9. UPenn,
  10. Saint Louis,
  11. Sidney Kimmel Jefferson
  12. Stanford,
  13. Brown,
  14. Tufts,
  15. Tulane,
  16. UCSF,
  17. UCSD,
  18. UChicago,
  19. UConn,
  20. UMass,
  21. UMiami,
  22. UMichigan,
  23. UPitt,
  24. Vandy,
  25. WUSTL,
  26. Weill Cornell,
  27. Yale
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Sep 15, 2012
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I suggest adding these schools:
California University
Boston University
Case Western
USF Morsani
Western Michigan
You could eliminate UConn and UMass (unless you previously interviewed there), since they accept few non residents with no connection to the state.