help with school list please! high DAT, low GPA

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Feb 26, 2018
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I would just apply to the private schools and OOS friendly state schools that you would actually go to.
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Decent list, I would cut down a few schools such as Meharry (URM), Loma Linda (Religious) and a few others you aren't really interested in. Side note: underprivileged background won't really affect your chances (at least at private schools) unless by that you mean you are a URM.
You can definitely cut it down to 10-12 in my opinion. The usual criteria for narrowing things down is price and out of state friendliness. Price may not be a factor for you in which case you could just eliminate the schools that are unlikely to give you an interview because you are not in-state.

Check the state schools' statistics for out of state interviews granted. You can find them in Doc Toothache's guide. You can probably knock out 4-5 that way.

If you are African American, then you should keep traditionally African American schools like Meharry, and maybe add Touro.

There are definitely some uber expensive schools on your list like NYU and Loma Linda, so you should check cost of attendance for your list and make sure that you are willing to pay to go to every school to which you apply.