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May 3, 2016
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    Hello, I'm looking for help/advice on finalizing my school list for the 16-17 cycle. I'd prefer MD, but I am certainly open to DO programs

    cGPA: 3.6, sGPA: 3.5, MCAT: 503 :( (chem/phys 124, cars 127, bio/biochem 124, psych/soc/bio 128)
    *retaking mcat july 22nd, but applying beforehand

    NY state resident, interested in Peds/primary care/underserved areas
    B.S. in Biology and Child & Family Studies

    Volunteering: nonclinical-organized and worked recreational sports camps for local (rural) students, worked with the homeless population of Vancouver, Canada, ran youth soccer clinics with the Special Olympics and an inner-city elementary school in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Shadowing: about 80 hours in rural NY in-patient clinic, mostly in pediatrics but also OB-GYN

    Clinical Exposure: will be working in the emergency department at a local university hospital as a research volunteer, shadowing physicians and identifying patients who qualify for ongoing research at the university. Meeting with these patients to discuss willingness to participate, confidentiality, ect. (will begin prior to sending application-unpaid)

    Leadership: completed 4 year leadership development program throughout undergrad, focused on diversity, team-building, recognizing strengths, conflict resolution, ect.

    Internship: 12 weeks in classroom with 6 young men with severe developmental disabilities and medical concerns.

    Research: lacking. Have experience reviewing/interpreting research but not conducting it

    Other: 4 year Div III women's soccer player, worked part time on campus during full time undergrad, and I'm in 4 collegiate national honor societies (biology, human ecology, pre-health, student athlete)

    Current/Gap year plans: EMT certification this summer and hopeful employment for remainder of gap year (clinical experience) - this is something I'm hoping to be able to discuss during potential interviews

    LORs- will be sending prehealth committee letter from undergrad. I was told they were labeling me as highly recommended, but I'm worried this won't hold much weight as my undergrad is not known for sending students to med school

    MD list:
    SUNY Upstate
    SUNY Downstate
    Albany Med
    New York Medical College
    University of Rochester
    University of Vermont (OOS)
    Indiana University (OOS)
    Drexel (OOS)
    Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (OOS)

    DO list:
    PCOM (OOS)
    RowanSOM (OOS)

    I know it's not a very competitive student profile. I'm working (really) hard to get my MCAT score up to help that out. I'm looking to apply early and broadly, so any additional reasonable schools to apply to would be helpful. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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