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    Help with DO school list

    cGPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.2 Finishing a masters at KCUMB 3.6 MCAT: 501 Strong letters from professors at KCU including a DO who attended KCU and an MD/PHD professor at KCU Ton of shadowing (Family connection) 280hrs clinical/non clinical volunteering about 500hrs 50/50ish Leadership: VP and president...
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    MD/DO School List Help (3.84 cGPA/507 MCAT)

    Race: White (Male) cGPA: 3.84 / sGPA: 3.79 MCAT: 507 (127/126/126/128) <-- took in 2017, retaking June 5, 2020 State: TX Undergrad: UT Austin Major: B.A. Geology Research Experience: 2200+ hours Clinical Experience: 800 hours in an underserved clinic Shadowing Experience: 60 hours at a...
  3. D

    MD & DO WAMC/School List Confirmation Help - 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, low MCAT (URM)

    Hi everyone, I'm a low SES, 1st gen immigrant URM (Cuban) hoping to apply this cycle. I was hoping that I could get some input on my current school list and see if there are any changes I should make. I'm hoping to apply this cycle and wanted to know if there's a possibility of getting accepted...
  4. P

    School List (MCAT 515, GPA 4.0)

    Hi everyone! Please help me solidify my school list! These are my current stats & school list (in no specific order) for the upcoming 2020-2021 cycle. I'm planning to apply to ~30 schools. Please let me know if you think I should add/remove any. :) GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 515 (130/124/130/131) State...
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    WAMC and school list help

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate if anyone could rate my application and school list for the upcoming cycle! Year in School: Junior Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Chemistry Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Country/ State of Residence: PA Ethnicity: Asian Cumulative GPA: 3.79...
  6. definitely_chondria

    Help with school list and other application questions

    I am applying to MSTP programs in the 2020 cycle and I need help with my school list and other application issues! Currently: research technician (2 gap years) Undergrad: small liberal arts college (not highly ranked but got a full ride / many awards --> should this be included on my app...
  7. L

    WAMC/School List: 3.6/521

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE GPA: 3.6c / 3.5s Major: Biochemistry, B.S. MCAT: 521 (130/129/130/132) State of Residence: AR Ethnicity: White male Undergraduate Institution: State university, graduated in 2018 Clinical Volunteering: 50h taking vitals at the VA, direct 1-1 patient contact...
  8. pcvtomd21

    Rural Family Medicine School List Help

    Any feedback on my application or school list would really help! Case Western Reserve Rochester Emory Dartmouth Brown Saint Louis Jefferson Miami Miller Colorado Tulane George Washington Creighton RUSH Nova Southeastern MD University of South Dakota MC Wisconsin Loyola Uniformed Services...
  9. Wayfinder

    Preparing for Reapplication: Feedback

    Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this, I know what I wrote below is long, it really does mean a lot. Current Stats 3.8 cGPA/sGPA : Biomed Major @ local state university 508 MCAT (127/124/127/130) Secondaries in the first week of September FL Resident, White, Female, first-gen college...
  10. JustTooLit

    3.55/3.4 & 515 MCAT School List Help

    Undergrad: New York University Major: B.A. in Biochemistry Resident: NY cGPA: 3.55 sGPA: 3.4 MCAT: 515 GPA by year: Freshmen: 3.55 Sophomore: 3.03 Junior: 3.28 Senior: 3.7 Post-bacc (32 credits at NYU w/ upper class Biology courses): 3.75 Clinical volunteering: 250 hours ER volunteering...
  11. H

    WAMC/could someone help with my school list?

    Year in school: Senior (applying next cycle, some hours are projected based on current and past trends) Country/state of residence: Wyoming GPA: 3.87 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA. Physiology major, minors in chemistry and molecular biology. Large state school. GPA majorly brought down by a C in a...
  12. BenKenobi

    Last Minute School List Additions?

    I completed my application at 28 schools between mid-July and the end of August (list below) and have yet to hear back from any at this time. I understand it is still way too early to stress about IIs just after Labor Day; however, before it is too late to correct any mistakes in my school list...
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  15. Wayfinder

    WAMC: gpa3.82, MCAT 508 strong service peds

    Hi SDN, thanks for any help you can give me! Degree: Biomedical Sciences @ local FL university Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.81 MCAT Score: 508 (127:124:127:130) Cars killed me if I need to retake I plan to invest in cars tutoring, and build more stamina was exhausted during bio :(...
  16. B

    WAMC? Help me build up my school list!

    Hey guys! Here are my stats and schools I've applied to. I want to add a 3-4 more schools to my list (Im a little stuck) + figure out what my chances are. Thank you in advance! cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.19 MCAT: 512 Research: 450 hours, 2 years of experience, 1 paper in review for publication Clinical...
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  18. A

    School List Advice 513/3.8

    Hi! I'm looking for some advice before I submit. I am a 22 y.o. NY resident completing my first gap year with Americorps. I went to a small college (Nazareth). MCAT: 513 (129, 130, 127, 127) , 3.81 GPA. ECs are heavily service based, though I was an ED scribe (560 hrs) and did a summer...
  19. 8

    Nontraditional Student-School List, Need Help!

    A bit about me- Undergrad degree: supply chain management and marketing from a top 30 business school. Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Post-Bacc/sGPA: 3.97 (I took no sciences undergrad). MCAT: 517 (130/126/130/131) Residence: Illinois Not disadvantaged. EC's: 1,200+ hours scribing, international EMS...
  20. H

    Help with School List

    Hi everyone, I just got my MCAT back today and scored a 503 (125/128/125/125). A little disappointed because it’s lower than my FL averages but relieved I can apply. I just now need any and all advice for a school list. I’ve put together a list of 17 schools but want to maximize my opportunities...
  21. koster35

    Final school list 516, 3.99 GPA

    Hi guys! I asked for help a couple of weeks ago; but I feel that I have my final list narrowed down. I am just looking for approval and/or any last minute suggestions: I am a white male graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. I have a 516 and 3.99 GPA. I have good EC's with a few years...
  22. Kobethegoat24

    Really need help with dental school list?

    My stats: GPA: 3.88 DAT: 21 AA, 21 TS, 18 PAT (unfortunately also 16 QR) URM Volunteering: about 54 hours Shadowing: about 52 hours Virginia resident After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to wait until July to...
  23. finneganmurphy

    Dental School List Hel?!

    Hi guys, Right now I am preparing to begin the process of applying to dental school. I haven't taken the DAT yet, but I will do so by mid July which is when I hopefully will get my app turned in. My question for y'all is does my school list look ? Should I include more schools? What other...
  24. A

    WAMC/School List Help

    WAMC/School List Help Stats: 3.90 CGPA 3.86 SGPA 512 MCAT White Male. Biomedical Engineering; Ohio Resident Current List University of Michigan Medical School Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Ohio State University College of Medicine University of Pittsburgh School of...
  25. T

    School List help / WAMC. 3.91 sGPA/cGPA 515 MCAT

    Thank you for your suggestions!
  26. 1

    Help with school list! (3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA, ~517 MCAT)

    3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA large public school in the Northeast, Bio major expect to score around 517 on the MCAT ( I take it this week) Residency: PA (live in Ohio, will have Ohio residency by matriculation) ORM ECs resident assistant for 3 semesters pre-health honors society learning assistant for 1...
  27. C

    School List: Research heavy application with an mcat decrease (Am I too top heavy?)

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.8 cGPA / 3.81 sGPA (strong upward trend? 3.23 > 3.69 > 4.00 > 3.96 > 4.00) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 514 (129/131/126/128) --> 511 (126/127/129/129) - (I realize I took a huge risk, which did not pay off. I was getting 520+ on FL so I thought I had a chance.) State of...
  28. Kobethegoat24

    What do you think of my plan? Which schools should I apply to?

    So I recently took my DAT in march and now I am doing my shadowing and volunteering. I needed advice on when to apply and also which schools to apply to. My profile: 1.) GPA: 3.88 2.) DAT: AA= 21, Bio 21, General Chemistry 20, Organic Chemistry 23, Perceptual Ability 18, Quantitative Reasoning...
  29. K

    High MCAT Low GPA - School List Help/Do I Have a Chance?

    Hi Friends, I'm applying this cycle to USA Med Schools and a little stressed about my GPA would appreciate advice on whether I a) have a chance for MD; b) if I should wait to finish my last year, do some GPA repair/get more research & clinical hours then apply c) apply to DO school instead (will...
  30. B

    MD & DO Help with school list, please

    Hi all, I'm planning on applying this cycle and need some help finalizing my school list. Asian female, AZ resident Undergrad: U of AZ Degrees: BA Biochemistry, BS Molecular & Cellular Biology (Slightly non-trad applicant, in the sense that I graduated in 3 years. Took a gap year after...
  31. B

    School List Feedback 3.75/519

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for feedback on my school list. I am trying to apply to around 25 schools, so I would like to take at least 2 schools off my list. Would appreciate the help! California resident ORM 3.73gpa from community college 3.75cgpa/3.65sgpa from T40 school 508 First mcat 519...
  32. P

    MD CA Nontrad T20 ORM 519/3.8/s3.69 - Help me cut down my school list!

    Hi there, applying this cycle and was hoping for feedback on my school list? My deets: CA resident ORM, T20 undergrad, career changer MCAT: 519 balanced GPA/sGPA: 3.8/3.69 Slight upward trend: had a couple B’s and one C in science classes; since switching to pre-med have gotten straight As...
  33. annabanana96

    Help me make a school list! MD/PhD

    JesOOoOOss christ the day has come where I make this post. FIRST: Apologies if this is in the wrong area, PLEASE direct me to where this should be if I am in the wrong here. Senior in a tiny college, middle eastern gal (aka white lol), first-gen, NJ resident! Majors: Psych and Chem Stats...
  34. M

    MD & DO WAMC and School List Help; Non-Trad Texas Resident

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.54 cGPA 3.29 sGPA (took chemistry and calculus first year of undergrad but didn't do well due to uncertainty of major and poor judgement on my part; 3.85 post-bacc GPA with 41 hours including all prereqs + genetics and biochemistry) MCAT...
  35. T

    Unbalanced sGPA and cGPA. Uneasy about school list. WAMC

    Hello all. I am currently a senior in undergrad and working on developing my school list. Unfortunately my cGPA and sGPA are rather unbalanced due to poor decisions made during high school (dual-credit). This leaves me pretty confused about what schools to apply to. Any and all advice is greatly...
  36. Gearheadgtr

    WAMC 3.73 GPA 509 MCAT and help with list of DO schools

    Looks like MD schools didn't like me this cycle. I plan on applying to DO schools only next year. Can I get help with a list of schools? Here are my stats. Undergraduate Top Public University in the United States California Resident Over-Represented Minority Male Community College GPA 3.66...