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  1. L

    MD Help me decide school list. gpa 3.97 mcat 524

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! Any input would be awesome. Unsure how well I chose these schools (feel like it could be too top heavy, but unsure). Any recommendations would be sweet! State: CA Ties: Undergrad in Michigan URM: AA Male Year: Graduate Spring 2022...
  2. chimericantigenreceptor

    WAMC / School List Help for Decent, Well Rounded Applicant 517 MCAT

    Please help with my school list / chance me for my schools! Thank you guys so much!! Me: -White male (Eastern European) -First-generation -NY state resident -Ivy undergrad -Human Bio Major + Health Policy Minor Stats: cGPA: 3.91 (my school has A+’s) (extremely strong upward trend: F: 3.9 S...
  3. D

    MD & DO 504, 3.6 nontrad applicant

    Hi! I just got my score back (504) and I’m a bit disappointed. I was hoping for 508-510. I am working on revisiting my school list given my score. My non-traditional background includes a MHA degree w/ 3 years working in hospital management, >1000 hours hospital volunteering, full time...
  4. R

    School list help 3.87/515

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! Any input would be awesome. Unsure how well I chose these school (feel like it could be too bottom heavy, but unsure. Also feel like I may have choose too many “low yield schools”). Any recommendations for schools that aren’t low yield and...
  5. P

    MD & DO WAMC 3.8 GPA/505 MCAT MD and DO

    Hello, I am planning on applying to both MD and DO schools this coming cycle (2021-2022) and appreciate any and all advice on what my chances are/school list! Ethnicity: Indian State: CA cGPA: 3.85 Science GPA: 3.75 Expected MCAT score: 505 Undergraduate: UC Irvine Research: 1 year...
  6. R

    MD 3.7/515 Reapplicant School List Help

    Hi everyone! I'm anticipating having to reapply the next cycle and I would greatly appreciate advice on a school list (I'm so overwhelmed by all the factors). I graduated from a decent state school (2019) and already took a gap year before applying the first time (2020), so I'll have taken 2...
  7. J

    school list help

    Post moved to WAMC:
  8. F

    MD & DO WAMC, school list help? c3.45, s3.28, 509

    Hi! Applying for the 2021-2022 cycle. Long time lurker and it's so surreal to finally be posting my own. GPA: c3.45, s3.28(U shaped--high start, low middle, high end). This includes my post-bacc year getting a Certificate in Biomedical Science with a 3.83 gpa in 32 credits of science courses...
  9. ac_lover99

    Help with school list and general insight, cGPA 4.0, sGPA 3.9, Indiana resident

    State/Country of Residence: IN Ties to other States/Regions: Yes, Ohio Year in School: Junior Graduate Degrees (if applicable): N/A Cumulative GPA: 4.0 Science GPA: 3.9x MCAT Score(s): Taking in May, got a 512 on the NS1, goal as of now is 519 Research Experience: 1200 hours relating to health...
  10. D

    MD WAMC (ORM/3.98/521 and CA Resident)

    Hi everyone, Thank you for checking out this post! This is my first time posting here and I appreciate your time very much. My main question is if my school list is appropriate and if I am a viable candidate for MSTP programs despite not having a publication. State/Country of Residence...
  11. modest_maozedong

    Non-trad friendly GPA replacement school list

    Hi all! I'm gonna put it all out there even though I know I will be relentlessly scorned for my despicable 1st degree GPA. Here goes nothin'. I graduated in 2015 with a 2.1 cGPA, didn't do any premed coursework. Went back to the same school last year and will have a 2nd degree from same...
  12. C

    Advice regarding DO/MD with my stats

  13. L

    MD MD School List Critique (3.42 cGPA/3.0 sGPA/510 MCAT/URM)

    Hi all! I wanted to get opinions on the school list I’ve submitted to and potentially get some more suggestions. To add more context to my stats, I have 150 hours of clinical volunteering, 3 years (~450 hours) of research, went to a T10 undergrad, and have had a variety of ECs and leadership...
  14. Bigquestionperson

    MD Help with school list! (3.6 520)

  15. W

    WAMC - should I apply to more schools?

    Help! Should I apply to more schools? I was hesitant to apply to schools that I would not attend if it was my only acceptance. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thank you! PS please be nice on my thread. Date of submission: AADSAS submitted 6/18 Overall GPA: 3.52 DAT score: 24 AA LOR...
  16. P

    My finalized school list! Any thoughts on my chances?

    Asian/NY/Stony Brook Undergrad cGPA 3.70/ sGPA 3.68 (went up by .1-.2 each semester starting from a 3.4 freshmen year) MCAT 503/522 clinical hrs 400ish, I'm a full-time medical assistant now but couldn't put it on my amcas which would've helped research= 2 1st-author posters but I really...
  17. P

    School List Help?

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  18. D

    Need help. 3 MCAT retakes/downward trend but good clinical, work, EC

    Hi guys, I am in a pretty tough situation. I am pretty devastated with the outcome of my MCAT retakes. I already submitted primaries before I received my 3rd MCAT retake results. AMCAS has not been verified. Working on DO secondaries. I am looking for advice on how I can still get in and apply...
  19. M

    WAMC 3.85 cgpa / 3.87 sgpa, 519 MCAT, 1500h research, basic ECs

    1 gap year, ORM 3.85 cgpa / 3.87 sgpa (3.9 cgpa for last 4 semesters) MCAT: 519, Clinical Volunteering: 1 summer, 50h Shadowing: 20h cardiology, 100h abroad in Europe Nonclinical: 15h, 1 semester at facilitated living home Research: 1500 hours, 1 article coauthor, 1 poster presentation, Other...
  20. C

    MD school list help! 3.84/516

    Hello, I need help deciding what schools to apply. Stats: Asian, Female. born in a foreign country but have US citizenship cGPA at community college before transfer: 4.00/4.00 cGPA at UNC after transfer: 3.7/4.0 sGPA after transfer: 3.65~3.66/4.0 combined GPA from community college and UNC...
  21. OliveMDToBe

    WAMC/School List - 3.96/521

    I feel like my list is a bit too 'top heavy'. Would appreciate some insight! cGPA: 3.96 sGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 521 (130,130,131,130) CA resident middle eastern female Undergraduate institution: UCLA Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): Clinical Volunteering: 450 hours Employment...
  22. Q

    3.81/515 help with school list

    So I got MCAT back and it was higher than I expected. I created a school list (already had in-state publics before MCAT) using MSAR and some research, haven't gone very in depth but here is my app info: Year in school: Junior Country/state of residence: NY (Upstate) cGPA: 3.81 sGPA: 3.67 MCAT...
  23. Z

    School list

    In-State Schools: CA University of Science and Medicine Kaiser Permanente Keck School of Medicine at USC UC Davis UC Irvine UC San Diego UC San Francisco Out-of-State Schools: Albert Einstein College Case Western Reserve Donald and Barbara Zucker SOM Hofstra/Northwell Emory University...
  24. H

    MD .

  25. 3

    Help with DO school list

    cGPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.2 Finishing a masters at KCUMB 3.6 MCAT: 501 Strong letters from professors at KCU including a DO who attended KCU and an MD/PHD professor at KCU Ton of shadowing (Family connection) 280hrs clinical/non clinical volunteering about 500hrs 50/50ish Leadership: VP and president...
  26. I

    MD/DO School List Help (3.84 cGPA/507 MCAT)

    Race: White (Male) cGPA: 3.84 / sGPA: 3.79 MCAT: 507 (127/126/126/128) <-- took in 2017, retaking June 5, 2020 State: TX Undergrad: UT Austin Major: B.A. Geology Research Experience: 2200+ hours Clinical Experience: 800 hours in an underserved clinic Shadowing Experience: 60 hours at a...
  27. D

    MD & DO WAMC/School List Confirmation Help - 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, low MCAT (URM)

    Hi everyone, I'm a low SES, 1st gen immigrant URM (Cuban) hoping to apply this cycle. I was hoping that I could get some input on my current school list and see if there are any changes I should make. I'm hoping to apply this cycle and wanted to know if there's a possibility of getting accepted...
  28. beefeedflowermix


  29. L


  30. T

    WAMC and school list help

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate if anyone could rate my application and school list for the upcoming cycle! Year in School: Junior Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Chemistry Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Country/ State of Residence: PA Ethnicity: Asian Cumulative GPA: 3.79...
  31. D


  32. L

    WAMC/School List: 3.6/521

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE GPA: 3.6c / 3.5s Major: Biochemistry, B.S. MCAT: 521 (130/129/130/132) State of Residence: AR Ethnicity: White male Undergraduate Institution: State university, graduated in 2018 Clinical Volunteering: 50h taking vitals at the VA, direct 1-1 patient contact...
  33. back2skewl

    Rural Family Medicine School List Help

    Any feedback on my application or school list would really help! Case Western Reserve Rochester Emory Dartmouth Brown Saint Louis Jefferson Miami Miller Colorado Tulane George Washington Creighton RUSH Nova Southeastern MD University of South Dakota MC Wisconsin Loyola Uniformed Services...
  34. Wayfinder

    Preparing for Reapplication: Feedback

    Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this, I know what I wrote below is long, it really does mean a lot. Current Stats 3.8 cGPA/sGPA : Biomed Major @ local state university 508 MCAT (127/124/127/130) Secondaries in the first week of September FL Resident, White, Female, first-gen college...
  35. JustTooLit

    3.55/3.4 & 515 MCAT School List Help

    Undergrad: New York University Major: B.A. in Biochemistry Resident: NY cGPA: 3.55 sGPA: 3.4 MCAT: 515 GPA by year: Freshmen: 3.55 Sophomore: 3.03 Junior: 3.28 Senior: 3.7 Post-bacc (32 credits at NYU w/ upper class Biology courses): 3.75 Clinical volunteering: 250 hours ER volunteering...
  36. H

    WAMC/could someone help with my school list?

    Year in school: Senior (applying next cycle, some hours are projected based on current and past trends) Country/state of residence: Wyoming GPA: 3.87 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA. Physiology major, minors in chemistry and molecular biology. Large state school. GPA majorly brought down by a C in a...
  37. BenKenobi

    Last Minute School List Additions?

    I completed my application at 28 schools between mid-July and the end of August (list below) and have yet to hear back from any at this time. I understand it is still way too early to stress about IIs just after Labor Day; however, before it is too late to correct any mistakes in my school list...
  38. J

    I think I might have overshot my schools...