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Help with school list


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Dec 24, 2016
The (not)-Greater NYC Area
  1. MD/PhD Student
    Just finished junior year and applying this cycle.

    Asian female.

    cGPA: 3.75, sGPA 3.80

    (I got a C in ethics class this past semester, B- in physics semester before, both this (junior) yr)

    MCAT: 514 (CBS 128, CARS 129, BB 130, PSY 127)

    Research: 4 years in one lab, 3 different summers research programs away, one clinical research experience

    no publications (upcoming publications within a year or two), one third author clinical review paper submitted for review

    1 national conference poster presentation, 1 ABRCMS oral presentation (will do SACNAS this yr)

    And if this makes any difference, worked 3 jobs since college, financially independent but got a good scholarship

    This is my school list. Please help! Interested in micro/virology and immunology.


    WashU in St Louis







    Mount Sinai



    Ohio State

    U of Iowa

    Albert Einstein


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    Jun 4, 2016
    1. Pre-Medical
      Some programs on your list are especially good picks because they don't get every single applicant (unlike UCSF, UW, UPenn, etc) but have some great immunologists (Pittsburgh, Baylor, Iowa). For immunology and virology in similar environments, you might also consider University of Minnesota, University of Colorado Denver, and University of Alabama Birmingham. I'm sure the Texas people will have some good Texas suggestions too...
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