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Help with School List


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Mar 7, 2018
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all!

I'm trying to refine my school list but it's hard because schools are just so competitive! Any advice/insight would be appreciated.

My list:

University of Rochester
University of Pittsburgh
Morehouse School of Medicine
Kaiser Permanente-Caltech
University of Wisconsin Madison
Rutgers RWJH

School: small, research-heavy school.

Degree: BS Chem, BA French, concentration in public health

cGPA: 3.89; sGPA: 3.84

MCAT: 518

Research experience: Total hours: 2400 in three different labs. 2 publications as second author in low-impact journals and 1 publication currently in review. I have like 6 presentations (2 at national conferences and 4 at smaller/university-scale presentations). Also completed an honors thesis.

Clinical experience: ~60 hours of hospital volunteering, 50 hours of shadowing

Leadership/community service: President of 3 dif clubs, won a few community service awards and grants, founded organization to help improve graduation rate of the struggling public schools near my university. over 400 hours of community service.

Work experience: I work 4 on-campus jobs part-time to help pay for tuition.

I know there are some clear weak spots in my application (ex: not enough clinical experience), so I'm a little concerned. I'm also interested in chemistry research which isn't too common for MD/PhD. Is my list too top heavy? What are some mid-tier programs I should look into.

Thank you so much in advance!!
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Mar 7, 2018
  1. Pre-Medical
It depends on where you want to live , honestly. You have Columbia on your list but not Einstein, Mt Sinai or Cornell, for example-- do you want to live in NYC? Or Stanford but not UCSF-- any reason?
That's true! I'm definitely leaning towards schools in NY and California, but some schools like Duke, Emory, and UW, have great Chem programs so I wouldn't mind the location. I'll look into Einstein and Mt. Sinai! Thank you
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