Help with sGPA vs oGPA - where do you think the following courses belong?

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Nov 8, 2012
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Question - science GPA vs all other GPA - where do you think the following courses belong?
Epidemiology - (very data/stats heavy) This course introduces students to the study of patterns and determinants of disease in different populations and the application of methods used to improve health outcomes. Epidemiology provides the main science of public health, and students will engage with methods of measurement and study design as they explore biological, behavioral, social and environmental factors associated with health and disease.
Methods of Social Research - (lots of data analysis and stats) Concepts and methods of quantitative social science research. Research methods, research design, and statistical analysis of data. Ethics in social research. Training in the selection of appropriate research designs for a variety of sociological problems. Major data sources and methods of data collection. Use of statistics in analyzing and presenting data. Exercises in design, data collection, and statistical analysis. TIA

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They sound like social science or public health classes.
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