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Feb 28, 2004
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OH do I need help!? I'm a postbacc torn inbetween two options at this time. I understand the reasoning that an MD is an MD degree anywhere you go and that I'll have more difficulty getting a residency position in the US if I went to SGU. I will be taking the April '04 MCAT and would like to get into SGU for the Aug '04 term, since this would mean that I wouldn't have to wait until Aug '05 to marticulate. BUT...I haven't applied to any US schools yet and had the idea that I would wait until this June to decide if I would apply to US schools or not based on my April MCAT score (basically to see if I need to retake it in Aug). I guess my real question is with my gpa and background should I apply for SGU for Aug '04 and go or should I wait, and apply to US schools for the Aug '05 term? Here are the underlying factors that I need to take into consideration:

- BS - Medical Technology from SWTSU '01
science GPA 3.45 overall 3.37

- taken/taking physics and human physiology at University
Houston '03-'04 gpa 3.65

- working ft past 3 years as Medical technologist with minimal
volunteer experience but lots of clinical exp. with my career

- want to specialize in pathology since that's what I've been
doing since junior yr. in college (huge desire to become a path.)

- financially....well, I must get loans to cover everything including
living expenses and tuition no matter where I go to school

Please help!!! Need some good advice! :( :( :( :( :(


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Oct 27, 2003
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I think you should tk. the mcat, see how it goes. I think you have a solid shot at a US school, good gpa, good career. In the grand scheme of things a year is jack squat. Do what you feel would suit you best, and good luck.