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    Feb 17, 2000
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    I just emailed this but it did not go through. I need advice. I was accepted to medical school last year, deferred one year, and am suppose to begin this fall. I am having doubts. I am even thinking about applying to PA school. I am scared that it will be "too much," and that I will not have a life. I just cannot decide if I would be happy. The problem is I have been working in NYC for the year, I graduated from University of Michigam in 1998, and I know that my passion is for heatlh/medicine/science. I have to be eith a PA or physician. I am also worried that PA will not be challenging enough. BUT, I love life, my freedom, going out etc.... And money is not an issue so I am cluelesss. Help!!!! What is medical really like?

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