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Sep 4, 2004
  1. Dental Student
    adamistheman said:
    I think i decided i wanted to be a dentist. If i were to go along with it what kinda courses would i take in school? what is like the average yearly pay? Also how many years of schooling?

    Too bad the "search" is not working right now... You definitely can get these questions answered by looking at past posts. All of these have been talked about extensively in the past....

    To be breif, your basic pre-reqs for Dental School are:

    1) General Chemistry 1 & 2
    2) General Biology 1 & 2
    3) Organic Chemistry 1 & 2
    4) College Physics 1 & 2
    5) English Comp/Lit

    Some schools want additional courses such as:

    1) Biochemistry
    2) Microbiology
    3) Anatomy & Physiology
    4) Psychology

    According to ADA, the average yearly pay for a dentist was something like 175K per year.

    All dental schools are 4 years except for 1 school (University of the Pacific). No residency is required but optional.

    Best wishes on your journey... I believe you made a great career choice!
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    Oct 30, 2005
    1. Pre-Dental
      adamistheman said:
      man i hate phyics...i asked somewhere else and they said it was 8 years of school...175 k wow that is nice

      i think the person who said 8 years of school must have included the undergraduate years. or, if you specialize after dental school (4 yrs) then that could add some years to it too. so either way, it's a looooooong time! :)


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      Nov 6, 2005
      1. Pre-Dental
        undergraduate years? what do you mean? right now i was going to go to a community collgee(after high school) and transfer to a university the 2 year 2 year plan kind thing or should i jsut fond a dental school


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        Sep 30, 2005
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        1. Dental Student
          You should try to go to a 4 year school... although you can do your requirements at a community college, some dental schools will prefer that you do most of them at a 4 year college. Also...a 4 year college will probably prepare you a bit better for dental school than a community college.

          If you just came out of high school...I don't know how easy it would be to go straight into dental school...unless you can find one that takes people right out of high school and allows you to kind of do undergrad and dental school at once. I assume that for that you must have had excellent grades in high school... But not sure.

          good luck.


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          Jun 28, 2005
            adamistheman said:
            so there i have to take classes at a diff school before i can go into dental school? sonfused kinda

            Yes you have to take those prerequisite classes at a 4 yr college preferably. With the increasing competition nowadays, most schools want you to have received a bachelors degree by the time that you enter dental school. So if your counting years after high school it would be a total of 8 years to become a general dentist. The only school i know of that has a shorter program is University of the pacific. They have a 3 year dental school so it would take you 7 years total. Or if you go to their undergraduate college you can do 2 years of undergraduate school and 3 years of dental school totalling five.. But i think to qualify for that program you might need extremely outstanding grades.
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