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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by the moose, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. the moose

    the moose Member

    May 28, 2001
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    i need some help...i just got my grades this semester and my GPA was a 2.9. I am going to be a junior, and I still havent taken all my chemistry courses. I also havent taken 1 more semester of bio and physics. Ive taken practice DAT's and my scores on the reading, quantative reasoning, and perceptual ability range from 18 - 22. My science I am still working :) Can someone please tell me if I have a chance to get into dental school... thanks a lot
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  3. cpw

    cpw It's a boy !!!
    Moderator Emeritus

    Apr 25, 2001
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    I'm not in dental school.. but I know that one bad semester is not going to hurt you. As long as you get a C or better in all your class.. and work hard in your next two years of school. I got a 2.4 one semester and still got into optometry school. I pulled my GPA up my senior year with a 3.7. As long as the admission committe sees improvement in your grades and a strong DAT score you should be fine! no worries. :)
    You've still got two more years to prove yourself. Getting as much experience in dentistry as you can won't hurt either. Prove to them that you're motivated and ready to work for that DDS/DMD!
    Hope this helps! (even if it's not from a dental student) ;)

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