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    OK, until very recently I was unaware that if you take 30+ days to send in a secondary that some schools will think you are not interested. I sent my Ohio State app in 33 days after I received the email. This school happens to be my first choice but due to attempts at perfecting my 2 essays for the school, as well as being unaware of their 30 day policy (which they did not include in the email) I did not get it in until a few days over a month after I received it.

    I am wondering if I just screwed myself out of what happens to be my first choice! Do I email them about this or just wait it out? I am relatively competitive with a 3.6 overall, 3.6 science, and 31 MCAT. Somebody please tell me this will not hurt me! If you must tell me it will, do it gently.

    In the past week I have sent in all my remaining secondaries (I was a late MCAT taker, and I didnt turn in amcas until about september 10th). Am I so late in the game that I need to worry about classes being full by the time I actually get to interview? Is it possible to interview before January considering these circumstances?
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    I am sure you will be fine, but you should call the Admissions Office and verify that your application is complete.

    I believe most schools put a deadline for return the secondary application to push us applicants to get our materials in faster. But I don't think they stick to those dates rigidly.

    Best of luck.

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