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Heme/Onc and International Health

Discussion in 'Other Subspecialties' started by labrynth79, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. labrynth79

    labrynth79 Senior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Aug 12, 2001
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    Hey all,

    I have a very strong interest in International/Global Health and I originally planned on pursuing an I.D. fellowship. However, I spent one month of 4th year on a Heme/Onc consult month, and I really liked it!

    Unfortunately, I have limited experience with Heme/Onc in the setting of Global Health. There seems to be a limited scope of oncologic health care services, particularly in the "developing" countires.

    Does anyone have examples of Heme/Onc faculty/attendings/people who practice Heme/Onc but also do a significant amount of International/Global Health work? Particularly people based in the United States?

    Does anyone have examples of the type of projects/work that people in Heme/Onc can participate in on a global level that is NOT research driven?

    thanks for any help! :)
  2. Dr. Roket

    Dr. Roket aka Dr. Henry Killinger
    2+ Year Member

    Aug 7, 2006
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    I'm a first year with research experience in oncology, also interested in global health, nothing to add really, just thought I'd give this thread a bump.
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