Hi all, new member here! (Independent Pharmacy Owner)

Jul 12, 2011
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Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new member and I just opened an independent pharmacy 3 weeks ago. I am looking to start compounding in my pharmacy and was researching to find some resources on compounding. I know the PCCA offers a lot of great resources but it is a bit too pricey for the membership at the moment. Does anyone know of any books or online resources that are free which have compounding information? Also, if any fellow independent pharmacy owners have any helpful hints or recipes that they don't mind sharing please post here, thank you guys!


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Nov 25, 2008
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Just out of interest, let's hear more about your story. What's your location, how did you go about opening up, what did you do before that?

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Feb 24, 2009
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Welcome! You may want to check out the ncpa subforum , as they have a lot of posts about independent pharmacy ownership as well as threads by Doctor M , one of our most vocal advocates for independent pharmacy ownership ! Good luck with your new business ! Owning a small independent pharmacy business is one of my future goals as well. Please continue to share your story as it unfolds , these types of threads are very inspiring to us all :)
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