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Nov 20, 2001
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LOLOL, don't take anything too seriously on the boards.

Welcome aboard, you will realize soon that this is perhaps one of the best resources for all your "premed" questions. Practically every issue you will think about, has already been discussed on here. All you have to do is click on the little button that says "search" above right hand-side and do a search on any words/phrases etc that you want more info on.

Good luck!!


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Jul 12, 2001
anchorage, ak
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Welcome to SDN, NIY02K2!! :) Are you applying, pre-med, or what?

I was just wondering what would happen to SDN if all the newbies (and all of us) took the advice to always use the search function before posting a new thread. SDN might wither on the vine. :( Probably not much chance of that happening! ;)
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