Hi everyone, I was told on CC that I shouldn't go to medical school anymore. What do you all think?

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Sep 6, 2022
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Here are my science grades:

  • General Chemistry - A
  • General Chemistry Lab - A
  • Calculus I - B+
  • Calculus II - B+
  • Statistics - B+
  • Organic Chemistry 1 - B-
  • Organic Chemistry 1 Lab - A
  • Physiology - A
  • Organic Chemistry II - P (Would have been a B or B+ if not for P/NP in Spring 2020)
  • Introduction to Data Science (Listed under stat department at my school) - A*
  • Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology - A+*
  • Biological Anthropology - A*
That is a 3.56 science GPA, possibly 3.66 depending on if some count as BCPM or not.

I asked on College Confidential (that's what CC means) if I should continue to pursue medical school as someone who's already graduated from college, and they said:

  • Personally, while I think that you are smart enough for medical school, your strengths and talents lie in a different direction. Here is a basic fact - when you were a premed, your life was miserable, but when you changed your major to something that played to your strength, you did very well.
  • Understanding organic chemistry is very basic in the understanding of how the body works. Not doing that well on it and other biology classes just means that biology is not really for you. There are many more types of scientific work, though.
  • You did well in methods in psych and in data science. You seem to have the ability to do science, however, not specifically biological sciences. To be a good doctor, you have to have that affinity to the biological sciences in particular
  • Being a doctor is a nice dream, if the work was how you dreamt it would be, and if medical school was how you dreamt it was. Neither seem to be true.
  • Imagine seeing an ice cream sundae for the first time, and thinking “this look soooo good”.
  • Then you discover that you’re lactose intolerant and allergic to milk and to chocolate. Would you insist on eating a sundae, just because you dreamt that it would taste amazing? Or would you look for a dessert that would not put you in the hospital feeling worse than you’ve ever felt in your life?
This person isn't a doctor. They were a combat medic in the army.

Yes, my organic chemistry grades were terrible, but like, I don't know? I can retake it during a post-bacc to prove them wrong? And I got an A in physiology so?????

I need a third set of opinions here :)

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Didn’t you recently post almost the same thing, and we told you your GPA was fine?
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You made a similar thread recently and received many well thought out responses. This is either a troll or some of the worst anxiety I've ever seen.
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Locked as this question has been asked and answered: Should I even try to be a doctor at this point?

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