Hi , help needed ,and I am from Iraq

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Nov 17, 2012
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Good morning ...
I see a lot of posters in this forum and a lot of members, and I do not know if that my subject may regaining attention, but instead I will put the subject with thanks giving presented,
My name is Moammal and I'm a third-year student of dentistry, I'm from Iraq (It may sound unfamiliar to you ) :confused:

So I do want to ask you service :) , I strongly want to earn some friends who could I ask about dentistry and benefited from their experiences , Since there are an encouraging situation in Iraq .

plz, don't hang me out :(

with my thanx :)

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thanx ,

I'll start by the international programs that u may take in the third year , so can u give me a web site can I use it ? , another think how can I equivalent my certificate ? ( if u have any idea ) ,
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Hi Moammal,
The answer will depend on your goals, Do you want to get a master or certificate degree and go back to your country or you want to get a licence to practice dentistry in the US? You should know in advanced that the dental schools here don't accept transfer student from non-accredited dental schools and to get accepted into any international program, you have to graduate from your dental school first.

hi moammal
if u want to do dds or ms here in us, first you have to complete ur graduation back in iraq ,then u can evaluate your marksheets and degree through ECE EVALUATION,You just have to send your copies to them and they will evaluate for you . then after that you can take nbde exams ,as it a requirement for dds.