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Commuting slowly sucks the life out of me. I writing about it for my overcoming adversity essays.
Or as a thought you could use commuting to build your ECs. I commute at my school, so I am involved in planning commuter events, helping out with new commuters, and advocating for commuters. Granted I haven't applied to medical school (thus I might be way off), but I think those involvements would show that I commute and have made the best of it, without obviously asking for sympathy.

I feel that as a commuter, many people have the thought that you choose it and don't need sympathy. Not saying that thought is accurate, but I feel like that is a common perception.
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I go to a "commuter school," so I commute too. If you can find a way to include it without making it seem like you're making excuses, then I personally don't see why not. I mean, that's an incredibly long commute; I only live 20-30 minutes away from campus (depending on traffic) and my friends who live on campus think that's a long commute. Nonetheless, I also agree with @Prolix. If you can figure out some way to help both yourself and other commuters at your school, then that's something you may be able to list as some type of community service/leadership experience.
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Hey guys, so quick question about commuting that applies to both myself and a few friends.
So currently in undergrad, I commute 2 hours round trip and have friends who commute 3 hours round trip. I'm not trying to make a sob story or anything, but realistically that kind of limits what we can do on campus in terms of activities (our grades are fine but we're not able to do as much as other students in terms of staying late for club meetings and all that).
We all are still engaged in as much as we can, but can we mention that we commute on our med school apps (just to explain that we were a little limited by that) or is it just something that doesn't matter? We're just kind of confused and hearing multiple things, but thanx for hearing me out!

I commuted and played college sports, conducted research, was involved in clubs, and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. It is not really an excuse. I recorded all of my biology and chemistry lectures and listened to them on the car ride home from school, about an hour to my house. So I would sit in lecture to get all of the info and then listen to it again for a second time to really help the information stick. This is a good way to maximize your time spent commuting so it isn't wasted time.

There is no need to tell medical schools you commuted or anything like that, its not relevant at all in my opinion
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Maybe you can say it was one of the many obstacles that helped to mature you faster than your peers, since commuting requires some serious time management.

Edit: I commute about 3 hours round trip.

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don't mention it in California med school secondaries!:lol: