High school Grades for Pre-Pharmacy Acceptance?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by dramaQueen16, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. dramaQueen16

    dramaQueen16 Live & Laugh ♥

    Oct 1, 2009
    hSDN Member
    So I'm interested in doing Pharmacy at UBC (1-2 years UBC Okanogan Pre-Pharmacy and then 4 years UBC Vancouver Pharmacy :xf:) and since I'm still in highschool I was wondering if anyone who was accepted to Pre-Pharm programs, preferably in UBC, remembered the marks (letter grade and/or percent) they got?

    Mainly in the following courses.. (these are the ones I'm taking/have taken)

    Chem 11
    Bio 11
    Math 11 (Principles)
    Physics 11
    Chem 12
    Bio 12
    Math 12 (Principles)

    I'm also taking/have taken..
    French 10
    French 11
    History 12
    + the mandatory ones such as English 11/12, Socials 11 etc. and a handful of electives (photography and such).

    Thanks in advance.. I just really want an idea if I have a shot at this career or not! :)
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  3. Chilliwacker


    Jan 8, 2010
    Hi =)
    I am actually going into UBC Okanagan Pre-Pharmacy Program this september which is 2010/2011.
    I have been accepted the previous year, but I am taking year off now.

    I thought getting into pre-pharmacy wasn't that tough.
    I think Univeristy Studies is the real deal:scared:

    Anyway, my marks were

    Chem 11 - 87%
    Bio 11 - 88%
    Math 11 (Principles) - 84%
    Physics 11 - 75%
    Chem 12 - 94%
    Bio 12 - 86%
    Math 12 (Principles) - 97%

    French 10 - 93%
    French 11 - 90%
    History 12 - N/A

    English12 - 86%
    Social Studies11 - 90%

    I had other courses like

    AP Calculus - 94%
    Physics 12 - 78% :(
    Concert Band 12 - 98%
    ESL 12 - 99%

    So for UBC admission, they will look at four courses(average) which are,
    English12, Science12(Chem,Bio,Phy.. etc), Math12, one other course with provincial exam.

    For myself, I had English 12, Chemistry12, Math 12, and AP Calculus.
    (You can use AP Calculus for admission average)

    When u apply and submit mark for self-admission, they will autumatically pick the right ones with the highest mark.

    My admission average was about 93%.

    I hope it helped.

    You actually have same career plan as me!!!
    When are you going to UBC okanagan?:)
  4. holymolys

    holymolys 7+ Year Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    i didn't realize Pre-Pharm programs needed something different... unless its a dedicated pre-pharmacy school or something, because if you are good enough for college, you are good enough for pre-pharmacy, its just classes, there is no degree for prereqs
  5. dramaQueen16

    dramaQueen16 Live & Laugh ♥

    Oct 1, 2009
    hSDN Member
    :eek: Oh wow! You have awesome grades. I hope you're an example of a exceptional student or else I feel hopeless! :p Math is definitely not my strongest point so I hope B's will cut it (Your Math 12 mark is amazing) Also, I don't have the option of AP courses as my school is small and does not offer them, so I hope that's not too big of a deal!

    That's great - Good luck with Pharmacy! I'm thinking of attending straight out of high school so September of 2011. Either UBC Okanogan or SFU in Surrey. :)
  6. OptimistPrime

    OptimistPrime 2+ Year Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    Getting into a "pre-pharmacy" program won't help you enter the BSPharm at ubc any more than just completing the pre-requisites. Don't worry too much about getting straight A's in highschool, I know plenty of people that completely tanked in first semester university even after having over 86% highschool averages. Some people, did well in university even after having poor highschool grades. One thing i would do if i were you is take physics 12, I know it is not a pre-req for the university physics you have to take, but it is very helpful. University studying is just a bit different from highschool, you have to get used to it and learn how to study. If I were you, I would do the pre-requisites over two years and take it easy but try very hard. This way you can get volunteer experience aswell. Also, heads up for university calculus :scared:. Goodluck.
  7. dramaQueen16

    dramaQueen16 Live & Laugh ♥

    Oct 1, 2009
    hSDN Member
    Okay, thanks! That's good to hear because I guess I could just live with my parents in Surrey and attend SFU to get all of my pre-requisites. I'll definitely look into doing Physics 12, maybe even in the summer or something. Calculus is something I'm extremely worried about! :( Thanks for all the information though - it was really helpful!

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